Thursday, 9 October 2014

10 Quick & Inexpensive Halloween Ideas

cheap easy halloween ideas

1/ Trash Bag Spiderwebs (via How About Orange) - this idea is perfect for a last minute DIY, even half an hour before your party begins! The tutorial shows you how to easily transform black rubbish bags into impressive spiderweb decorations.

2/ Mummy Tealight Holder (via Hill Country Homebody) - a project that will look great on your windowsill or as a table centrepiece is this cute upcycled tealight holder which has been bandage-wrapped to look like mummy!

3/ Skull Potato Stamps (via Martha Stewart) - who doesn't love a good old potato printing project? These paper treat bags have been decorated using a classic potato stamp that's perfect for Halloween. I've tried out this one myself and it's a lot of fun!

4/ Glitter Webs (via Red Book Mag) - another way to create snazzy spiderwebs is to use a combination of glitter & PVA glue. These sparkly webs can then be used as decorative table mats at your party!

5/ Monster Claws (via The Southern Institute) - for a last minute kids costume why not try out this clever glove upcycle. Just stitch or glue triangles of felt onto the glove's fingertips to turn them into monster claws!

6/ Pom Pom Pumpkins (via It All Started With Paint) - love to knit but have tons of leftover wool? If you have any scraps of orange lying about why not turn them into cute pumpkin pom poms? You could even string them together for a fun garland.

7/ Shocking Silhouettes (via Martha Stewart) - another last minute idea are these candle holder additions which will cast spooky silhouettes onto your walls. You'll need to create black card shapes and then affix them to the candle holders using wire. Grab your candles, turn out the lights and prepare to be spooked!

8/ Straw Bats (via Scrapbooks Etc) - make these cute name tags in minutes with just some black ribbon, googly eyes and a Sharpie! As shown in the photo they can be tied onto straws which would be great to help your guests to remember which drink is theirs!

9/ Pumpkin & Ghost Balloons (via Pinterest) - every party needs balloons right?! These cute embellished ones made to look like ghosts and pumpkins are sure to impress your guests.

10/ Balloon-Dipped Candy Corn Jars (via Brit + Co) - as you may know, I love a good Candy Corn inspired project and these jars are no exception. Cleverly coloured by using sections of balloons they would look brilliant on display in your windows!

Which idea is your favourite?
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