Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Homeware Trend - Postcard Pillows

homeware trend postcard pillows
My first homeware trend post seemed to go down well so when I recently saw these postcard pillows I knew they would be perfect for a follow up installment! These cute pillows would be a lovely addition to any room, and would fit in particularly well with a shabby chic decor.

Just like in the previous post these are also definitely DIY-able with some basic supplies. You could use fabric pens to create something like the H&M one on the right or image transfers for the other two styles. I think a personalised DIY version, perhaps even made using a copy of a real postcard, would make a lovely gift or holiday memento!

Cotton Cushion Cover, H&M £6.99
Postcard Cushion, Kaleidoscope £12
Pillowcase, H&M £3.99

Which design is your favourite?
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