Sunday, 28 September 2014

DIY Candy Corn Bunting Necklace

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Back in January I mentioned that I may have already been working on a Halloween DIY or two (I know, eager) and today I finally get to share one of those with you!

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Last year I shared a couple of candy corn inspired DIY jewellery ideas and today's project is another one to add to the growing list. I love the yellow, orange and white colour combination of candy corn and the triangle shape instantly makes me think of bunting flags and so this idea was born... I couldn't hold out nine months to get crafting so I made it right away!

You will need: yellow, orange and white hama/perler beads, an iron, parchment paper, a pegboard, yellow embroidery floss, a needle, chain, a clasp, jump rings, strong glue, jewellery pliers

diy candy corn bunting necklace 1

1. Create your triangles of 'candy corn' on your pegboard and iron using parchment paper as per the instructions provided on your hama/perler bead packaging

diy candy corn bunting necklace 2

2. Using your embroidery floss and needle string the flags together to create your little row of bunting. To stitch them together I went in through the first flag, across to the second, then repeated this so that there are two loops holding each pair of flags together - this way they stay flat and in place!

diy candy corn bunting necklace 3

3. Trim off the excess floss at each end, leaving only a cm or two which can be glued flat to the back of the flags

4. Thread a jump ring through the middle of the bead in the top corner of the flag at each each of the bunting row

5. Attach a length of chain to each end of the bunting, add on a clasp fastening and you're done!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives!
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