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Character Style Inspiration - Scarlett O'Connor (Nashville)

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Last month I mentioned that I'd been watching, and enjoying, season 1 of Nashville. Since creating style inspiration posts in the past featuring characters such as Deb Morgan, Lemon Breeland, Lux Cassidy, Wednesday Addams and most popularly Zoe Hart I'm always looking out for new characters to feature in this ongoing series.

Out of the main Nashville characters the one who's style I like the most is Scarlett's (portrayed by Clare Bowen), although her wardrobe doesn't bear much resemblance to my own. With a very down-to-earth boho vibe, layered jewellery, earthy-toned florals, floaty dresses and a variety of braided hairstyles Scarlett's style is probably just what you would expect from an up and coming country artist. Here's some tips on how to recreate your own Scarlett inspired looks...

1/ Keep It Floaty! - you won't find Scarlett in skinny jeans or leggings, floaty silhouettes are definitely more her thing. Try soft midi skirts, boho or 50's style dresses - anything that makes you feel like twirling around in circles!

2/ Mix Contrasting Lengths - another idea is mixing rather noticeably contrasting lengths. Pair cropped tops with maxi/midi skirts or team dresses with extra long cardigans and knee high boots. You could even create some DIY crop tops by cutting off longer tees - leave on long sleeves for even more variety in length!

3/ It's All In The Details - crochet, lace and cutout detailing are also a common theme throughout Scarlett's wardrobe. If you can't find any pieces complete with trim it's easy to stitch on your own - a great way to customise on a budget! You can pick up pretty trims at any haberdashery or craft shop as a quick and simple way to update an existing item from your wardrobe.

4/ Don't Forget To Accessorise! - layered necklaces are an important part of Scarlett's signature look as she's almost always found wearing multiple pieces. If you don't want to layer up existing necklaces why not buy a ready made layered 3-in-1 piece like the one shown below? Add chunky rings, delicate earrings, a leather waist belt, cross body bag and a watch to complete the look.

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