Friday, 5 September 2014

A Guide To Necklace Lengths

guide to necklace chain lengths for diy jewellery

Sometimes when you're looking to make or buy a piece of jewellery it can be hard to visualise how it might look on you. Even if measurements are provided it isn't always easy to image how a necklace will sit and it can make a huge difference to the final look. Perhaps you're wanting to create your own DIY pieces but aren't sure what length to go for? If so, today's post is for you.

The photographs above show the same necklace design with a medium-sized pendant and lobster clasp fastening but different length chains ranging from 14-24". To create the guide I started off by making a 24" chain as this is one of the longest lengths you will find as standard on the high street. I then removed 2 inches for each of the following photographs, right down to a 14" choker-style chain which is definitely back on trend right now. As you can see the same necklace design looks very different from the first photo to the last and it completely changes the overall look!

Of course everybody is different and this is just a guide to how the various lengths will look but I hope it helps you out with your next necklace DIY or purchase!

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