Thursday, 25 September 2014

9 Awesome Halloween Fabrics

halloween fabrics available in the uk

Its not always easy to find a huge variety of Halloween fabrics in the UK which can make crafting for the holiday a little more difficult. With that in mind I've had a search around online and picked out nine of my favourites, all of which are either from UK-based sellers or state that they ship to the UK - perfect for all of those Pinterest projects you've had your eye on!

1/ Spooky Witch Family Spell Time by Elizabeth's Studio (via Oh Sew Crafty)
2/ Glow Ghosts by Timless Treasures (via Amazon)
3/ Eerie Spiders Web In Toil & Trouble by Moda (via Eclectic Maker)
4/ Spooktacular Too Pumpkintopia by Maude Asbury (via Etsy)
5/ Zombie! by Alexander Henry (via Frumble)
6/ Scary Lighting by Michael Miller (via Eclectic Maker)
7/ A Ghastlie Web by Alexander Henry (via Frumble)
8/ Black Candy Corn by Riley Blake (via Etsy)
9/ Midnight Muertos by Alexander Henry (via Fancy Moon)

Which design is your favourite?
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