Tuesday, 12 August 2014

This Week's Work In Progress #1

Welcome to the first post in another new feature here at e-elise etc! Recently I've been thinking more about the idea of sharing 'behind the scenes' content and yesterday I introduced a new feature called 'Crafting Lately' where I'll be talking about finished projects I've created outside of the blogging tutorial world.

Alongside these I also wanted to share more work-in-progress snippets that may not have otherwise made it to the blog. From insights into upcoming e-elise etc or Eight & Sixteen tutorials, to half-finished fail projects, little home decor updates and presents for friends, I'm hoping to turn this into a regular 'as and when' feature to share them all with you. To kick off with today I've got three very different home decor projects...

cactus cross stitch
1/ A Faux Cactus For My Collection - to join my growing collection of cacti I've been working on this cute mini cross stitch from a pattern I found on Pinterest... you'll see more of this project in an upcoming Crafting Lately post!

twig slice frame in progress
2/ Crafting With Nature - I've also been working on another nature inspired project using these awesome little slices of twigs... look out for the finished piece in an upcoming tutorial!

printing onto fabric
3/ Photos Onto Fabric - here's a sneak peek at the test piece for another upcoming project where I'll be printing photos onto to fabric and turning them into cute home decor pieces... watch this space!

What have you been working on this week?
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