Sunday, 3 August 2014

DIY Simple Choker Necklace (90s Inspired)

Yep, that's right whether you're a fan or not this 90's trend is well and truly back! As shown by the inspiration images below lots of high street shops including Topshop, ASOS & Miss Selfridge stock simple chokers, but it's really easy to make your own at home in just a few minutes.

You will need: waxed cord, beads/charms, jump rings, a lobster clasp, pliers, a tape measure, an extender chain (optional)

DIY 90s choker necklace

1. First up measure around your neck to determine what size you need the choker to be and cut a length of waxed cord approx. 2" longer than you want the choker to allow for knots

Tip! If you're making it as a gift go by your measurement but add an extender chain to make it adjustable

2. Take one end of your waxed cord and knot it onto a jump ring

3. Thread on any beads/charms, then knot the other end of the cord onto a jump ring

4. Trim off any excess cord from the knots and if you wish add a small blob of glue to secure - this may also help to prevent fraying over time

5. Use pliers to attach a lobster clasp onto one of the jump rings. If you want to add an extender chain, attach this to the other jump ring and your choker is ready to wear!
chokers inspiration

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