Sunday, 17 August 2014

DIY Simple Beaded Rings

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

These cute and colourful beaded rings are a simple design but the perfect way to brighten up an outfit, and the best part is they only take minutes to make!

You will need: seed beads, tiger tail, pliers, tube crimp beads, scissors/wire cutters

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

1. Start by cutting a short length of tiger tail - around 6" should be a good starting point

Once you've made your first ring you'll have more of an idea of what length tiger tail you need depending on how much you end up having to cut off, but for your first ring it's best to cut extra just to be safe!

2. First thread on one of your crimp beads, followed by as many seed beads as you need to fit around your finger

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

3. Once you're done adding beads bring the end of your tiger tail (the one which doesn't have the crimp bead) round to meet the other end and thread through the crimp bead creating a loop

4. Carefully take each end of the tiger tail, one at a time, and thread through the first few seed beads on each side (as shown above) - this will just help to secure everything in place

5. Use pliers to close up the crimp bead - if you're unsure how to do so check out this video tutorial

If you don't have crimping pliers you can close up the bead with regular pliers instead. Just clamp it down flat then carefully fold it in half over itself using the pliers and it should be secured into place.

6. Trim off any excess tiger tail and your ring is finished!

diy beaded rings crafts jewellery

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