Thursday, 7 August 2014

DIY Inspiration - 5 Ways To Makeover A Plain White Tee

5 ways to diy a white tshirt

Today I thought I'd share a little bit of DIY inspiration with five ideas for jazzing up a plain white tee, all inspired by high st and designer pieces. The ideas listed below cost from as little as £2.49 with the most expensive project costing just £7.50 in supplies - perfect if you're on a tight budget!

1. Topshop's Butterfly Tee / Transfer Paper
Supplies: Transfer Paper, £3.50 for 7 sheets (Tesco)
How-to: just print your design onto the transfer paper (remember to flip it before printing if it includes any text!) and iron on to your tee as per instructions.

2. Mango's Message Tee / Fabric Crayons
Supplies: Berol Fabric Crayons, £3.99 for 12 (Yellow Moon)
How-to: simply draw out your design onto the t-shirt and set with heat - that's all there is to it!

3. SWETC's Crystal Tee / Beads
Supplies: Large Facet Beads, £7.50 (Hobbycraft)
How-to: use a needle and thread to secure these pretty beads onto the front of your t-shirt. Don't fancy a random design? Stitch them around the neckline instead!

4. H&M's Spotted Tee / Fabric Pen
Supplies: Dylon Fabric Marker, £2.49 (Hobbycraft)
How-to: draw out your design - this pen will work perfectly for those H&M messy polka dots - and fix in place with a hot iron.

5. New Look's Tie Dye Fringe Tee / Cold Water Dyes
Supplies: Dylon Hand Wash Fabric Dye, £3.49 (Hobbycraft)
How-to: mix up your dye in a bucket of water (as per instructions), use elastic bands to scrunch up your tee where you want to create the design & submerge in the dye. Once dried use scissors to cut into the bottom of the shirt to create a fringed edge.

Happy DIY-ing!
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