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August Reads & Reviews

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Friends Like These, Danny Wallace (2007)
This follow up to popular title Yes Man follows Danny's next crazy adventure as he decides to go on a journey to track down school friends he hasn't seen in years. When he meets up with one friend the challenge is born and he becomes determined to find the others before he, and they, turn 30.
The book is written in the same infectious light-hearted style you would expect from Danny if you have read any of his other books although I personally didn't enjoy it as much as Yes Man. Having said that it's still a fun read and maybe even one to pick up if you too are approaching 30 yourself! ✯✯✯1/2

The Geography Of You & Me*, Jennifer E Smith (2014)
Teens Lucy and Owen live in the same New York building but have never really met until they find themselves stuck in a lift during a city-wide powercut. Lucy loves NY and Owen hates it, but when circumstances change and they both move away from the big city will their paths ever cross again?
Books involving travel and adventures seem to have been making a regular appearance around here recently, but I chose to read this one without realising the trend. Similarly to another of Smith's novels, The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight, I found The Geography Of You & Me to also be a nice quick (albeit slightly 'fluffy') read, only this time with more likable characters. I really enjoyed the postcard element as well as the many changes in location. If you're looking for a YA contemporary to breeze through in the last weeks of Summer this may be the book for you! ✯✯✯

Also read this month...
  • Afterworlds*, Scott Westerfeld (2014) - review to follow on Blogger's Bookshelf next month!
  • Air Plants*, (2014) - review coming up next month! 
  • The 100*, Kass Morgan (2013)

Reviews posted this month...

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What did you read in August?
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