Friday, 15 August 2014

3 Easy & Refreshing Summer Drinks

3 refreshing summer drink recipes

Recently got myself a Breville Blend Active which I have since used every day - it's so addictive & easy to use! I've been experimenting with different flavours and today I thought I would share three of my favourites with you. They're all super easy to make as you don't need to be precise with your measurements plus, they're refreshing and delicious on a sunny day or after a workout!

Note: I add a spoonful or so of milled linseed to all of the recipes below as it is a great source of both fibre and omega 3. It doesn't affect the taste but it's an optional ingredient so feel free to leave it out!

1/ Raspberry & Orange Sorbet Smoothie
Blend 300ml of orange & mango juice with a handful of frozen raspberries and a scoop or two of raspberry sorbet. Top up with a splash of water to blend and add a spoonful of milled linseed if desired.

2/ Pineapple & Mango Dairy-Free Milkshake
Blend 350ml of vanilla flavoured rice milk with a few ice cubes. Then add in both a handful of fresh pineapple and a handful of frozen mango and blend again. Add milled linseed and a spoon of cinnamon before blending for a bit of extra goodness!

3/ Watermelon, Berry & Apple Juice
Blend 200ml of apple & raspberry juice with a small handful of frozen blueberries, a few chunks of fresh watermelon and a few of frozen mango. Add water if needed to blend plus milled linseed if desired.

What are your favourite refreshing drinks?
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