Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Let's Talk Something Different...


Today I thought I would take on a subject I've never really blogged about before... music! It's never really been something I'ver thought to write about as my collection mainly consists of the same things it did ten years ago and I'm terrible with keeping up with new releases. My iPod selection, although a somewhat strange mixture of things, is very limited!

Earlier this year I stumbled across a notebook with lots of my old gig tickets taped inside and it got me thinking about all of the bands I've seen, which ones were my favourites, which I'd like to see again and even those I never got to see. So, with that in mind today I'm posing three questions to myself, and all of you as well!

1. If you could see any band/artist you've already seen again who would it be? 
I'd have to go with Foo Fighters... actually I'm going to be cheeky and pick two answers for this one (its my question so I'm allowed to, right?!). Although I was lucky enough to see them live a handful of times I'd also really love to see Taking Back Sunday again - I'm disappointed I missed out on that earlier this year!

2. Which band/artist have you never seen live but would love to?
Definitely Incubus. I almost got to see them a few years back but they had to reschedule and unfortunately the new date happened to fall on my very first week at Uni so I wasn't able to go.

3. Which one band/artist do you wish you could have seen but will never get the chance?
I'm sure if I sat and thought about it for a while I could come up with a long list but I have to go with my first instinct and an obvious choice, Nirvana.

I'd really love to know what your responses to these questions would be so don't forget to leave them in the comments below! Alternatively feel free to run with the idea as a sort of 'mini tag' and post about it on your own blog - just don't forget to send me the link if you do! :)
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