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July Reads & Reviews

july reads 2014

Butter, Erin Jade Lange (2012)
Butter, as he is known to everyone at school, is a sixteen year old unhappy with being overweight. The opening paragraph catches your attention with Butter’s bold statement… he is planning to eat himself to death live on the internet. As word of Butter’s plan spreads his peers take him under their wing, encouraging the idea and in a twisted way he gains the popularity that he has been longing for.
Although there were some tougher scenes to read, such as the description of how Butter got his nickname, generally speaking his story plays out like many contemporary novels, following him around on his day to day life, tackling school, relationships and family life. In addition the underlying sinister element makes for a unique, interesting and perhaps most importantly thought-provoking read. ✯✯✯1/2

Shattered, Teri Terry (2014) 
Shattered is the third and final book in the Slated trilogy which follows Kyla, a teen who's memory was erased after the government claimed she was a terrorist - but is this the truth? When we catch up with Kyla in book three she is on the run with a new identity and a mission to seek out her real parents.
I didn't have such high hopes for Shattered after being a little disappointed by second book Fractured however I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the conclusion, which to me felt much more alike to the tone of the first book. Full of little twists and turns Shattered reveals answers to some of the big questions of the series and most importantly who Kyla really is. ✯✯✯✯

Also read this month...
  • Let's Get Lost*, Adi Alsaid (2014) ✯✯✯✯ - review to follow on BB soon!
  • Say Her Name, James Dawson (2014) ✯✯✯✯

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What did you read in July?
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