Sunday, 20 July 2014

DIY Upcycled Stackable Storage Jars


Today's project is a cute and quick upcycle that's perfect for storing small bits and bobs. Not only are we upcycling the jars but we're also going to be using recycled papers to do so! As you'll see in the photographs below I've used my new trio of jars to store hairbands and clips but you can use them for a variety of things from cotton pads to paperclips! These jars are great space savers as they're stackable and will also look pretty sitting on your desk or vanity - what's not to like?!

You will need: stackable glass jars (mine are from Gü Puds!), a mini heart punch, patterned papers/wrapping paper, Mod Podge or PVA glue, a sponge brush, scissors, a ruler

diy upcycled stackable storage jars

1. First use a craft punch to create your mini hearts from your old papers. I've used old sheet music for my jars but alternatively you could use old newspapers, books, magazines or wrapping paper

2. Add small blobs of glue to the inside of your jar and stick on hearts. You can create a pattern here or just place them randomly like I have!

3. Once you have added hearts all the way around the inside of the jar, set aside to dry for 5 minutes or so then brush over the back of them with a little more glue to secure them in place and set aside to dry fully

diy upcycled stackable storage jars

4. Whilst they're drying prepare your coloured paper strips. I've chosen to use a plain coloured wrapping paper but again, you can choose whatever you like!

To make sure they're the right size measure around the outside of your jar. If you're using the same type of jars as I did you'll need these to be 1" wide and approx. 11" long

diy upcycled stackable storage jars

5. Add a layer of glue all the way around the inside of your jar, carefully stick the strip of paper in place and set aside to dry

diy upcycled stackable storage jars

6. Repeat the process for your other jars. Don't forget to think about your colours and how they will look once they're stacked up together!

Although they are stackable I found that just three jars worked well and wouldn't advise towering too many as they are glass and this may be dangerous!

7. Once dry fill with bits and bobs, stack up and proudly display your new upcycled storage!

diy upcycled stackable storage jars

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