Sunday, 6 July 2014

DIY Ticket Box

I'm one of those people who keeps a lot of their tickets, particularly cinema ones (fun fact: I still have my Mean Girls ticket from 2004) so the box frame turned ticket display is one of those popular Pins I knew I had to try out. A few months back I picked up this simple square box frame from IKEA and turned it into a ticket box which now sits out on display on my bookshelf.

It's inexpensive and easy to make your own ticket box, plus they look great hanging on a feature wall or sitting on your bookshelf! Here's how to do it...

diy tutorial ticket box home decor crafts memories keepsake

First up you'll need to cut a small rectangle into the top of your frame so that you're able to add in more tickets when you get them. To do this you will need to use a jigsaw (or do what I did and ask someone else to use one for you...!). For safety make sure you remove the glass etc first! Once you have cut into the frame you'll need to sand any sharp edges.

It can be tricky to cut into the frame but don't worry the rectangle doesn't need to be very neat as you won't see it once the frame is on display!

If you want to you can skip these steps and just open up the back of the frame to add it tickets, it's up to you.

diy tutorial ticket box home decor crafts memories keepsake

Next you'll need to create the background for your tickets. I used a filmstrip print scrapbook paper for mine but any paper will work. Cut to size by using the wooden back of the frame as a guide, pop it into the frame and reattach on the back.

diy tutorial ticket box home decor crafts memories keepsake

Finally, fill with tickets and your new display box is complete!

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