Sunday, 27 July 2014

DIY Beaded Tassel Anklets

diy tassel anklet jewellery making tutorial

Last week I shared a Duct Tape Tassel DIY over on Eight & Sixteen which also inspired me to create today's jewellery project. These cute tassel anklets are perfect for the summer months and one of the great things about them is that they are really versatile as they can also be worn as necklaces!

If you like this project but don't fancy a DIY I now have some similar designs available in my shop Sawyer & Scout & custom orders are also welcome! :)

diy tassel anklet jewellery making tutorial

How to make the tassel
You will need: embroidery floss, a fork, jewellery wire or extra floss

1. First up find a fork or similar object which is around the size you want your tassel to be. Tie on your chosen embroidery floss and wrap around the fork until you have built up the thickness you want for your tassel

2. Take a small piece of wire - a contrasting colour works well - and wrap it around the embroidery floss between one of the fork prongs, creating a hanging loop for your tassel. Alternatively use another piece of embroidery floss

3. Before you remove the tassel from the fork, thread a jump ring through the loop you created in step 2 - this will be much easier than trying to add it on later! Then remove the tassel from the fork

4. Chop through the loop at other end and you should have a tassel! Trim off any excess threads to neaten and set aside whilst you make the anklet

diy tassel anklet jewellery making tutorial

How to make the anklet
You will need: jump rings, a clasp, tiger tail, tube crimp beads, seed beads, jewellery pliers

1. First up you'll need to decide on what length you want the anklet to be. Measure around your ankle, times this number by two for a double wrap design like the one shown in the photos, then finally add on another  3"and cut your length of tiger tail.

For example - my ankle measures 8" so I would times that by two to get 16" and add on 3" to get a total length of 19". Once the clasp has been added my final anklet measures approx. 17.5". 

If you're unsure on the measurements you can always cut a longer length just to be on the safe side and check it against your ankle as you go along. Alternatively you could add on an extender chain to make the anklet adjustable!

2. Thread on your tube crimp bead then thread the end of tiger tail back through it creating a loop. Use pliers to secure in place - later on you'll use this loop to attach on your clasp

3. Thread on your beads until you reach around 1" before desired length. Add on second tube crimp bead and create another loop just like at the other end of the anklet. Thread the remainder of wire back through the seed beads then secure everything in place by squashing down the crimp bead

4. Use pliers and jump rings to add on a clasp

diy tassel anklet jewellery making tutorial

5. Finish by attaching your tassel, and any other charms, onto the anklet & wear with pride!

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