Thursday, 12 June 2014

New In At Sawyer & Scout - Jewellery

This week I've added a few new bits to the revamped Sawyer & Scout website so today I thought I would share some of the jewellery items with you. Looking back through the archives I apparently haven't done one of these posts since May 2012 (!?) so it's about time I gave you an update! Although I've been concentrating more on sewing recently I have also managed to come up with a few new jewellery designs as well. Here's a little peek at three of my latest creations....

upcycled monopoly bunting necklace

First up are the finished pieces made using the Monopoly bunting flags I shared a sneak peek of in a recent post. The patterns and colours found on the Monopoly notes are perfect for a unique piece of jewellery and I love how each one is completely different. The flags for the Upcycled Monopoly Bunting Necklaces have each been made using notes from a vintage version of the iconic game and I've had a lot of fun making them!

miniature terrarium necklace

Next up is another design I recently shared a sneak peek of. The Miniature Terrarium Necklace came about after I recently created a couple of terrariums for my workspace windowsill. After this I remembered that tucked away in my craft supplies was some dried moss - perfect for creating a wearable 'terrarium in a bottle'. To complete the design I added gemstone chips and a few faux rocks and am really pleased with how they turned out!

watermelon bunting necklace

Finally we have this cute Watermelon Bunting Necklace. A refreshing twist on my other bunting necklace designs this colourful and quirky version was inspired by the summer sunshine! Perhaps I should try out some more 'fruit slice' bunting flag designs?
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