Sunday, 29 June 2014

DIY Hexagon Keyrings

patchwork hexagon keyrings sewing diy crafts tutorial

A little while ago I discovered that I enjoy making paper pieced hexagons but stopped making them when I realised that I didn't have any project ideas to use them for. In an attempt to think up more projects that would use up my ever-growing pile of fabric scraps I was originally planning on sharing some circular DIY keyrings with you today until it occurred to me that this was the perfect opportunity to make a few hexagons and still use up the scraps! Here's how to make your own...

patchwork hexagon keyrings sewing diy crafts tutorial

You will need: floral/patterned fabric, felt, a small strip of ribbon, three hexagon templates - two 2" and one 3", scissors, erasable pen, a needle & thread, an iron, iron-on hemming web

patchwork hexagon keyrings sewing diy crafts tutorial

1. Fold your piece of floral fabric in half, trace around your large hexagon template using an erasable pen and cut out

2. Lay your first hexagon patterned side down and place one of your small templates in the centre of the fabric

3. Pin through the centre of your template onto the fabric then fold over the edges around the hexagon and loosely stitch in place. There are lots of ways to do this but as I used plastic templates I just stitched over the corners. If you are using paper you can use three large stitches right through - as this tutorial shows

4. Repeat for your second hexagon

patchwork hexagon keyrings sewing diy crafts tutorial

5. Carefully remove your templates and press the fabric hexagons flat with your iron if necessary

6. Take your scrap of felt and one of the smaller templates, trace around it and cut out. You should now have two floral hexagons and one felt one

patchwork hexagon keyrings sewing diy crafts tutorial

7. Now its time to join all of the layers together. Usually it would be best to pin the layers together but because this project is so small I chose to use a little iron-on hemming web to hold the layers in place and keep them from moving around

8. Place your first hexagon (floral side down) onto your ironing board then place on a couple of strips of hemming tape on top followed by your felt hexagon and iron in place. Remember not to iron directly onto any of the hemming web as it will melt and stick onto your iron!

9. Place on your ribbon strip (folded in half to create a loop as shown below) followed by a couple more strips of tape and finally your second floral hexagon (floral side up) and again iron in place

10. The last sewing step is to stitch around the edge of your hexagons joining all of the layers together. There are several ways you can do this, two of which are shown in the examples below. If you would like your stitches not to be visible try a ladder stitch (shown on the left), or if you want to make them more of a feature try a blanket stitch (shown on the right)

11. Finally, thread on your metal keyring and add to your keys!

patchwork hexagon keyrings sewing diy crafts tutorial

If you want to personalise your keyring why not add on your initial? I made this 'E' keyring by cutting a small felt E and stitching it onto the hexagon before joining all of the layers together - these would make great personalised gifts!

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