Sunday, 1 June 2014

DIY Fabric Bracelets (Adventure Time Print)

diy fabric bracelet adventure time 1

Today's project is another great one for using up fabric scraps, particularly long thin strips. With just a few supplies you can turn them into these cute bracelets that would make a great gift. For this tutorial I've used a cute and colourful Adventure Time print ribbon but you could choose any design you like!

You will need: a small strip of fabric, a printed ribbon (find Adventure Time ribbon here), a small strip of lightweight interfacing, a sewing machine, a tape measure, an iron, a clasp, jump rings, ribbon crimps (the same width as your ribbon), scissors, clear nail polish, pliers, pins

diy fabric bracelet adventure time 2

1. Measure around your wrist or a bracelet that fits you well to determine the length of fabric you will need to cut. For the width remember that it needs to be wider than your chosen ribbon, so a good way to work out what width you need is to just double that of the ribbon.
Example: the Adventure Time ribbon I used measures 2.5cm wide so I cut my fabric strip approx. 5cm wide

2. Fold over the edges of the fabric and press flat with an iron. You don't have to be completely precise with the measurements here however you do want the main strip of fabric to be slightly wider than you ribbon so that you get a slight border. To make sure it is wide enough make sure that when you fold the edges over they do not meet in the middle

Example: I folded over around 1cm on each side leaving the fabric strip measuring 3cm wide (meaning it was still 0.5cm wider than my ribbon)

3. Cut a strip of iron on interfacing and tuck it inside the fabric, under the folds you just created and iron in place. If you have any scraps of interfacing these work perfectly for this project!

diy fabric bracelet adventure time 3

4. Cut a length of your ribbon the same length as the fabric strip, again using the measurement of your wrist

5. Add a dab of clear nail polish, glue or something similar to the ends of the ribbon to stop it fraying

diy fabric bracelet adventure time 4

6. Pin the ribbon onto the centre of the side of your fabric strip where you folded over the edges

7. Sew the ribbon onto the fabric using a simple running stitch on your sewing machine.

As this ribbon design has a border I used this as a guide to stitch a straight line however if your ribbon design does not have a border and you aren't confident with sewing you can always use an erasable fabric marker and ruler to draw on a guide line

8. Use jewellery pliers to attach on a ribbon crimp to each end of the bracelet, then add on a clasp and your bracelet is ready to wear!

Happy DIY-ing!

diy fabric bracelet adventure time 5
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