Sunday, 22 June 2014

DIY Fabric Bows

diy bows 09

There are lots of variations on how to create your own bows and today I'm going to share one of them! You can use these cute little creations to embellish anything you like from hairclips to purses. Here's one way to sew your own...

You will need: a piece of fabric at least 4" x 6" (small/repetitive prints work best for this project), scissors or a rotary cutter & mat, a ruler, sewing machine, iron, a needle & thread or glue gun, a fabric marker

diy bow 1

1. Carefully cut your pieces of fabric - one 4" x 4" square for the main bow shape and one 2.5" x 1.5" rectangle for the middle strip - put the smaller strip aside for later

diy bow 3

2. Fold your square of fabric in half with the printed sides facing each other - you can then pin or iron the fabric in place if you want to

3. Stitch around the three open sides (as shown by the dotted line above), leaving a gap in the centre for turning out

4. Carefully turn the fabric inside out so that the print is now back on the outside. Take a fabric pen and ruler and draw a vertical line down the centre

diy bow 4

5. Accordion fold the centre of your fabric and carefully place under your sewing machine foot

6. Use the line you drew in step 4 as a guide and sew through all of the layers - sew both forwards and backwards a couple of times to make sure everything is secured in place

diy bow 5

7. Next you'll need to create a strip to wrap around the centre. Take your smaller piece of fabric, fold in half with the printed sides facing and stitch along two sides (as shown by the dotted line above)

8. Turn the fabric so the print is back on the outside - this can sometimes be tricky with such small pieces of fabric so if you don't like the look of it alternatively you could use a piece of ribbon or grosgrain to wrap around the centre instead!

diy bow 6

9. Wrap the smaller strip of fabric around the centre of your bow, making sure the end of the strip is on what will be the back of the bow

10. Glue or hand stitch the fabric strip in place around the centre, covering the stitching from step 6, and your bow is complete!

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