Wednesday, 18 June 2014

DIY Ear Pins/Ear Sweeps (Part 2)

ear sweeps

ear pins 2

As mentioned in Sunday's DIY post I wanted to share a second part to my ear pins/ear sweeps tutorial, this time showing how to create custom pins to fit around multiple piercings. Here's how I did it...

- To create an ear pin to fit around my piercings I first needed to know how they are spaced out so that I could work around them. To find out I used a strip of washi tape and marked up where my three earrings sit so I could use the tape as a guide when bending the wire

- Unlike in my previous simple version, this time I worked backwards and started by creating the back part of the ear pin first. I then worked along from where the ear pin would sit through my first piercing

- The trick to making sure it would fit was to carefully bend the wire into little semi circle shapes, matching up with where I had initially made the marks on the washi tape. I chose not to add beads to these sections however if you wanted the whole ear pin to be beaded you would just have to adjust the semi circles slightly so that there is enough space for the beads to fit around your earrings

- I also made this ear pin/sweep longer than the first design to show how you can extend them beyond the lobe by bending the wire to fit the curve of your ear creating more of a statement piece!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - use the links below to share your photos with me!

Happy DIY-ing!

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