Sunday, 15 June 2014

DIY Ear Pins/Ear Sweeps (Part 1)

diy earpins 1

This week's project is one that I'd been hoping to try out for a little while now; ear pins, aka ear sweeps! These cute and clever little earrings give the illusion of multiple lobe piercings without having to commit to the real thing and are a pretty accessory for summer.

After seeing so many beautiful ear pins over on Etsy & Pinterest, and sadly finding that most wouldn't fit my ears, I wanted to have a go at making my own version. As you may know from previous DIY posts I actually have more than one lobe piercing in each ear and therefore this simple 'straight line' style pin doesn't really work for me, however I wanted to share it for those of you who would love to fake the look of multiple piercings.

With that in mind I have also written a second part to this DIY for those who already have multiple piercings. The second post shows how I created another ear pin to custom fit around my existing piercings. Make sure you keep an eye out for that post on Wednesday, but for now here's the step-by-step for these super simple ones...

You will need: wire (preferably sterling silver), seed beads, jewellery pliers (round nose), wire cutters, a file and jewellery glue

Tip! Alternatively use an eyepin or headpin in place of the wire to create your ear pins!

diy earpins 2

1. Cut a short length of wire (approx. 2.5") and create a loop at one end using your pliers

2. Thread on beads until you reach the desired length you wish the ear pin to be

diy earpins 3
diy earpins 4
diy earpins 5
diy earpins 6

3. Take your pliers and bend the wire to a right angle just under where the line of beads ends

4. Leave a small gap and then repeat this step as if you are creating a wire rectangle

5. A little over halfway along the wire use your pliers to make one final bend this time outwards, away from the beads and at a smaller angle

6. Cut off any excess wire and you should be left with something that looks like the photograph above

diy earpins 7
diy earpins 8
diy earpins 9
diy earpins 10

7. Now its time to glue the beads in place. Lift up the last bead you threaded on, add a small amount of jewellery glue to the wire and push the bead back down over it. You can also then add on an extra little blob of glue on the end of the bead if you want to just to make sure it is secure!

8. At the other end of the earring use your wire cutters to trim off the loop you created in step one

9. Remove the final bead, again add on a small amount of glue and place it back onto the wire. Add another small amount of glue onto the end to make sure it is secure and leave it to dry as per the instructions on your glue

diy earpins 11

10. The final step is to gently file down the end of the earring so that it is not sharp, and your ear pin is ready to wear!

diy earpins 12

To wear the ear pins just push the wire end through your lobe piercing as you would with any other earring, then rotate it around so that the row of beads is sitting along the lobe. The plain wire part of the ear pin should sit nicely on the back of your ear and keep it in place!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives!
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