Sunday, 11 May 2014

DIY - Turn Fabric Scraps Into Pretty Cards!

diy scraps card 1

As I've been sewing a lot more recently my pile of fabric scraps is growing fast. Back in March I posted a tutorial on how to turn scraps into tassel necklaces and today I have another upcycle project to use up those fabric scraps! With just a few supplies and 10 minutes of your time you can turn them into unusual eye-catching cards, here's how it's done...

You will need: fabric scraps, blank cards, a glue stick & a sewing machine

diy scraps card 4

1. Lay out strips of fabric onto your card, trying out different combinations until you are happy with the design

2. Take your glue stick and use it to keep the fabric pieces in place on the front of the card

diy scraps card 5

3. Place your card under the sewing machine foot and use a variety of different zig zag stitches to sew along where the edges of the fabric strips meet. This not only helps to keep the pieces in place but also adds texture and pattern to your design

diy scraps card 9

4. Trim off the ends of the fabric strips and any excess threads on both sides of the card and you're done!

Personally I quite like how the reverse side of the card looks with the different stitches however if you want to create a neater finish you can glue a piece of paper on the inside of the card to cover the back of the stitching

diy scraps card 7

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - use the hashtag #eelisediys to share your photos with me!
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