Wednesday, 9 April 2014

DIY Plectrum Necklace

plectrum necklace diy eeliseetc

Today's quick DIY is a classic upcycle project that's perfect for music lovers. Pretty plectrums like this tie-dye style one make great pendants and the design is completely customisable with beads and other charms too. If you want to go all out on this one you can even pick yourself up a punch and create your own plectrums! Here's the (very short!) step-by-step...

You will need: a plectrum, a hole punch or drill (depending on the thickness of the plastic), a jump ring & a chain + (optional) beads/charms of your choice

1. Punch or drill a small hole into the top of your plectrum

2. Carefully use pliers to open up a jump ring and add on the plectrum, chain and any other charms

3. Close up the jump ring and your necklace is done!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - use the hashtag #eelisediys to share your photos with me!
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