Thursday, 20 March 2014

Quilt Update #2 - DIY Printed Fabrics

In my previous update post I shared some of the quilt fabrics I had sourced from shops and online. Although there are lots of beautiful designs out there I also knew right from the start that I wanted to mix in a few fabrics that would be unique to my quilt. How?... by printing them myself! Today's post is part quilt update, part DIY and shares five simple ideas for printing your own fabrics using things you will probably already have lying around at home.

string stamp

1. String + Wooden Block - wrap a length of string around a wooden block and knot to secure in place. This idea which came from Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, will create straight or uneven lines in whatever size you like

pencil stamp

2. Pencil Eraser - these are readymade stamps! I previously shared this idea as part of a decorated notebook DIY but it works just as well on fabrics. Use to create uniform polka dots or a random layered pattern as shown above.

brick print stamp

3. Basic Eraser - cut down a simple rectangle eraser and use to create a brick style print like this one or instead try making dashed lines

diy printed fabrics 86

4. Carved Erasers - using a craft knife or lino cutting tool carve out a design. You can go simple, like this striped square design, or draw on a design before carving for a more complicated or intricate stamp

diy printed fabrics 60

5. Bubble Wrap + Wooden Block - who doesn't love bubble wrap? Glue a scrap of bubble wrap to a wooden block to create a unique textured-looking stamp design. This one won't last too long but you can always peel the bubble wrap off of the block, grab another piece and keep stamping!

* I used these stamps with Dylon fabric paints

In my next quilt update post I'll be talking about the patchwork design I opted for...!
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