Sunday, 16 March 2014

Quilt Update #1 - Fabrics

quilt fabrics
quilt fabrics590

After a little bit of a break from blogging - a few days off from posting turned into a week and then a little more - I'm back today with a quilt update. By the time you see this post I will have been working on the quilt for a few weeks but I wanted to start off the updates series by sharing photographs of some of the fabrics I'm using. I decided to go for a mixture of prints, and began by focusing on a grey base. I also opted to include some more graphic style prints rather than just the traditional vintage style ones often used for quilts.

The first fabric I picked up was a pretty floral print with a light grey background and coraly-pink detailing (shown at the bottom of the photo above). At the second shop I visited, I again went for greys but also picked out some pink/red shades to add a bit more interest and tie in with the flower details from the first fabric. I then decided to look through our drawers at home to see if I could find any scraps that would also tie in nicely and ended up finding two star prints which were left over from a string of bunting my mum had made for my workspace.

To finish up the selection of new fabrics I decided to add in four I had seen online, all from UK-based company Dashwood Studio. Three are from a lovely collection named Annali and the fourth is the  from the fun Petite Street collection. At this point I thought I was done with fabric shopping but after finalising my design idea (I changed my mind three times...) I also went back to the second shop and picked out a further five fabrics! (top photo above)

So, that's it for my first Quilt Update post. Next time I will again be sharing fabrics (yes, there are more), only these ones are a little more unique...
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