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March Reads & Reviews

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March has been a bit of a slow reading month for me as I've been doing a lot of crafting and have also been suffering from a fair few headaches! Despite this I did manage to make my way through one novel and three non-fiction titles (I actually finished Yes Man last month just after posting February's roundup!). Here's what I thought...

The Savages, Matt Whyman (2013)
This quirky title, somewhat a cross between the Addams Family and Sweeney Todd, follows the Savage family who are secretly cannibals. The story kicks off with eldest daughter Sasha's announcement that she has a new boyfriend... a vegetarian boyfriend, to which father Titus is not at all pleased. Meanwhile someone starts to become suspicious of Titus and his family after a famous actress who was last seen filming at the Savage's house (which they rent out as a set to film and TV crews) goes missing.
This interesting premise for a story set in modern day England caught my eye and luckily I wasn't disappointed. The Savages was a fun and unique read with a dark humour and I found it enjoyable to read something a little different from your usual YA. The book is also the first in a planned series so I'm looking forward to reading future adventures featuring the Savage family! 3.5/5

Yes Man, Danny Wallace (2005) 
After a chance encounter on a bus where a stranger simply told him to 'say yes more' Danny decided to take this statement seriously and did just that. Yes Man follows Danny's journey as he says yes to everything, finding himself in many strange situations along the way.
The unique concept and humour of Yes Man made for a very enjoyable read and I also loved the friendly writing style. Although a very fun read Yes Man did leave me a little sad too as it also had me reflecting on all of the opportunities I might have missed out on myself. Of course, this was all part of the book's charm and just reiterates Danny's message, encouraging readers everywhere to be more positive too! 5/5

This month I also read...
  • Divergent Thinking*, Leah Wilson (2014) - full review to follow on Blogger's Bookshelf next month 
  • Are You Dave Gorman?, Dave Gorman & Danny Wallace (2001) ✯✯✯✯ 
  • Random Acts Of Kindness, Danny Wallace (2004) ✯✯✯

Reviews posted in March...
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