Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I'm Making A Quilt!


Today I wanted to fill you in on a challenge I've decided to take on - I'm making a quilt!

For a little while now making a quilt that I could keep forever is a project I've been itching to have a go at. Although I can cope with a bit of basic sewing I've never had a flair for it and have always avoided sewing machines where possible, so its not something I thought I would achieve.

The first blogged quilt project I saw that made me sure I wanted to give it a go was this Modern Ombre design by See Kate Sew. Then, last year my friend Skye also shared her first quilt making experience over on her blog, which turned out so beautifully that it definitely pushed me a step closer to taking the plunge and this year I decided it was time to take on my own quilt project!

Sharing this project with you means not only that you will get to follow my progress but also that I will be more determined to finish so that I can share the final piece here as well.

I'll be posting updates as and when to show you how I'm getting on and share a beginner's point of view on the process too. With my birthday coming up not long after I decided to actually have a go at this project I was kindly gifted a few things to get me started (thanks Mum!) including my fabrics so for my first update post I'll be sharing a sneak peek at those.

If you have any tips and tricks for quilt making please send them all my way!
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