Friday, 7 February 2014

This Week #12

Before I get into the roundup I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a quick thank you to everyone that read, commented on or tweeted me about my post on eczema earlier this week. After spending the last few years searching for a product that would help I finally found one just over two months ago. I'd been working on the post itself for a month or so but was unsure if anyone would actually be that interested, however the response I've received was really lovely and again, I hope it is of help to someone out there who also suffers with persistent eczema. I've also been rather excitedly gathering up supplies for a new craft project, but more on that in a future post! Here's what else happened on e-elise etc this week...

1. DIY Wire Ring - for Sunday's post I revisited a slightly unsuccessful DIY project from 2011 and created a wire ring

2. February TBR - next up was a short post about the selection of books I'm hoping to read this month

3. DIY Mosaic Kits - on Tuesday I talked DIY once again with these cute coaster kits from Hobbycraft

4. Eczema - by far the most popular post of the week was my midweek offering where I shared my experience with eczema

5. DIY Inspiration Slogan Sweaters - Thursday's post shares a designer idea from Banjo & Matilda

- I reviewed fellow blogger Natasha Ngan's debut novel The Elites over at Blogger's Bookshelf

Coming up next week... a craft book review, some Netflix recommendations and a few more quick DIYs!
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