Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sawyer & Scout - Now Available On Etsy!


Today I wanted to share a quick post to let you know that Sawyer & Scout is now on Etsy!

I had been thinking about setting up an Etsy store for quite a while but finally decided to give it a go back at the beginning of the month. So far I've had a lovely response to the new shop and am planning to build up a wider variety of stock there over the next few months. Selling on Etsy means that as well as some of the most popular Sawyer & Scout jewellery designs I'll also have more freedom to share one-offs, custom made pieces and perhaps most excitingly for me; non-jewellery items. is still running as normal but just on a slightly smaller scale, with lots of customer favourite products such as the Harry Potter inspired Mini Potions Necklaces & Divergent inspired Faction Necklaces.

If you have an Etsy account you can follow me here!
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