Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Netflix Recommendations


Today I thought I would start a new series sharing some film & TV recommendations that are available to stream on Netflix UK. Of course, there are many more than four great watches on Netflix but I'll be saving the rest for possible future posts. Today's four are all TV titles I love...

1. Dexter (8 seasons, 2006-2013)
The first show I watched when I joined Netflix was Dexter and I was hooked right from episode one. The series follows Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall); a serial killer who follows a code that only allows him to kill other criminals. Dexter has become one of my all time favourites, so much so that I even celebrated the final episode with a week of Dexter-themed posts here last September!

Favourite characters: Deb, Dexter & Batista | Favourite seasons: 1 & 4

2. Modern Family (2 seasons, 2009-2010)
Another thanks-to-Netflix discovery, and now a firm favourite sitcom, Modern Family has been my go-to watch recently. The show has an ensemble cast focusing on one family, headed by Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill), across three different households. Sadly the later seasons aren't currently available to stream, although I have watched them all and would recommend picking up the DVDs!

Favourite characters: Phil & Gloria | Favourite episode: S2E6 Halloween is a good one!

3. Drop Dead Diva (4 seasons, 2009-2012)
Before Netflix I had never heard of legal drama and body-swap comedy Drop Dead Diva which stars Broadway's Brooke Elliott. This fun watch revolves around lawyer Jane, who after being shot whilst protecting her boss dies on the operating table. Due to a bit of a mix up in Heaven, Jane ends up coming back to life when deceased fashion model Deb presses a button that sends her back down to Earth and into Jane's body.

Favourite characters: Jane & Fred | Favourite season: 1

4. Episodes (1 season, 2011)
Currently in its 3rd season, comedy Episodes first season was recently made available to stream on Netflix. Although I had seen and liked the series when it originally aired on the BBC, a Netflix re-watch made me love it even more. The series follows British TV writing couple Sean and Beverly Lincoln (Stephen Mangan & Tamsin Greig) who move to L.A. to create and American version of their award-winning show Lyman's Boys. Of course, things don't go to plan when the network decides to cast Matt Le Blanc in the main role, changing the boys boarding school headmaster to a hockey coach version of Joey.

Favourite characters: almost all of them! | Favourite episode: there are only seven on Netflix... it's too difficult to choose

Leave me your top Netflix recommendations in the comments below! :)
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