Sunday, 2 February 2014

DIY Wire Ring

diy wire ring 1

For today's DIY I'm revisiting an old project idea I first tried out and shared here back in 2011; wire rings. The blog post about those particular not-so-successful creations, complete with a terrible quality photograph, is now sitting safely in my draft posts folder but I wanted to give the idea another shot and this time around I'm much more pleased with the results!

Although this is a fairly simple wire jewellery project it was a little difficult to explain the process in writing, but hopefully the following photos and step-by-step will be enough of a guide to inspire you to try it out. Here's the DIY...

diy wire ring 2

To create your own wire rings you will need: wire (approx. 18 gauge), beads, a ring mandrel, jewellery pliers and wire cutters

If you don't have a mandrel try using anything round - thin candles and lip balm tubes both work well

diy wire ring 4

1. Cut a piece of wire approx. 12-15" and thread on your bead of choice

2. Place this on the front of your mandrel at your ring size and wrap the ends of wire around the mandrel (as shown in top photo above)

3. Start by wrapping the left hand wire around the bottom edge of the bead and the right hand wire around the top edge. You will need to keep both ends of your wire wrapping in the same direction throughout the project

diy wire ring 5

4. Continue wrapping the wires to create a sort of nest effect around the central bead, until you have approx. 1.5-2" of wire left on each end and remove from the mandrel

5. To finish off the design and tidy up the ends wrap them around the ring a few times (as shown above) and re-shape slightly if necessary

diy wire ring 6

6. Cut off any excess wires, gently file any sharp ends and your ring is complete!

As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archives - use the hash tag #eelisediys to share your photos with me!
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