Tuesday, 4 February 2014

DIY Mosaic Kits (Crystaline Mosaics)

diy mosaic

Today I wanted to share a quick DIY project with you featuring these mosaic coaster kits by Crystaline Mosaics. I recently picked up a few of these from Hobbycraft as they were half price in the sale - at £1.49 each I couldn't resist!

This wasn't my first experience with creating mosaics as I had dabbled in this particular craft back when I was at school (quite a while ago now *feels old*) however these are a great beginner project. Each kit comes with a base square (either acrylic or MDF), a selection of coloured resin tiles, grout and a basic set of instructions.
It is also worth keeping in mind that for most designs you will need to cut some tiles to fit the pattern. You can buy specific cutters for this but I ended up placing the tiles inside a plastic bag (to catch any flying pieces!) and used nail clippers to snip them down to size.

mosaics step by step 2

The overall process itself is very simple - peel off the paper from your tile to reveal a sticky surface, place on the tiles according to the pattern, mix up and apply the grout, leave to dry and gently wipe clean.

Personally I think these kits are great fun for a lazy Sunday activity and I really enjoyed making my two mosaics. I'm now working on some other project ideas to use up all of my spare tiles!

Have you tried any mosaic kits?

diy mosaic

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