Friday, 10 January 2014

This Week #8


This week has been pretty unproductive behind the scenes as I've been fighting off a cold. I'm ashamed to say that I'm one of those people who sort of shuts down thanks to the common cold (they just frustrate me so much!) but I have been working away on some posts you'll see over the next few weeks. One thing that did cheer me up was the arrival of my beautiful new 2014 diary - a purchase inspired by my pal Michelle - which I'll be showing off in a future post. Oh and, when I was reading on Wednesday evening a Nerdfighter note fell out of my library book - an interesting surprise!
Here's what happened on e-elise etc this week...

1. DIY Upcycled Glass Jars - on Sunday I shared my first proper video tutorial!

2. January TBR - Monday's post was all about books as I shared the six titles I'm planning to read my way through this month

3. 2014 In A Jar - on Tuesday I revisited this week's DIY and shared what I will be using one of the upcycled jars for

4. DIY Dip Dye - I went back in time for Wednesday's offering, and shared swatches of two colourful hair dyes

5. Getting Organised For 2014 - in yesterday's post I shared a little stationery inspiration, because who doesn't love stationery?!

1. I posted my first book review of 2014 over at Blogger's Bookshelf, featuring Red by Alison Cherry
2. Whilst Anjali is away on her travels I was one of her guest bloggers over at From L&P To English Tea where I shared my own version of her 'Colour Crush' series

Coming up next week... blue nails, a quirky jewellery DIY & a 90's throwback!
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