Friday, 24 January 2014

This Week #10

this week 10

Outside of blogging highlights this week included Sawyer and his bunny acrobatics (!), beginning my second attempt at completing the Couch To 5K podcast series, and lots of 'throwback' crafting involving a beading loom, mini mosaics and hama beads. I failed to finish the Couch To 5K podcast first time round due to hurting my ankle...and then my knees, but I'm hoping this time I'll be all set to run outside again once the warmer weather sets in - so far, so good.

Here's what happened on e-elise etc this week...

1. DIY Embellished Beanie Ideas - on Sunday I shared 7 different ways to stay stylish in the cold weather

2. My 2014 Diary - Monday's post was all about stationery as I showcased my new diary from The Magic Notebook

3. DIY Inspiration Pom Pom Pumps - there was a little more style on Tuesday, this time with a designer-inspired idea

4. The 100 Most Pointless Things In The World - the blogging week ended with a non-fiction book review with TV gameshow roots

1. On Wednesday I reviewed new YA science fiction release Impostor (Susanne Winnacker) over at Blogger's Bookshelf
2. Also over at BB myself and the rest of the team shared our reading goals for 2014 & the 5 books we 'vow to read' this year

Coming up next week... yet more stationery talk, some TV style inspiration & a simple neon earring DIY
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