Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pastel Masking Sticker Set (Afrocat Stationery)

masking sticker set 1
masking sticker set 2
masking sticker set 3Masking Sticker Set in Pastel, £1.99

As part of my stationery spending spree earlier this month I picked up this cute set of stickers designed for decorating and crafting. The set contains 27 different patterned sticker sheets in a range of pastel hues that are the perfect compliment to my pretty 2014 diary. Each sheet has a mixture of complete strips in two widths - 15mm & 7.5mm - plus one strip of four 13mm circles.

Although I opted for pastels other versions of these handy little sticker packs are also available and there's definitely one to suit your style. Other designs I've seen include 'basic' which features similar designs but with bolder colours, the beautiful 'paper' set with musical notes, maps and more and a set of solid colours.

A simple way to brighten up the pages of any diary these stickers have a paper texture that's perfect for writing on, tuck neatly into the back of your diary for easy storage and make a great alternative to chunky rolls of washi tape; Masking Sticker Sets get a big thumbs up from me!
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