Monday, 20 January 2014

My 2014 Diary

piyo diary
piyo diary tabs

As promised earlier this month today's post is all about my beautiful new 2014 diary. Thanks to unresolved health issues the only type of physical diary I've kept over the last couple of years has been a food one*. After deciding last year that this wasn't helping me solve any issues and was in fact making me stress more about them I gave up the food diaries and allowed myself to have stationery back as a treat rather than a chore and picked out a pretty 2014 weekly planner from TKMaxx.

Being the organised person that I apparently am I started jotting notes into my new planner from late 2013 and sadly a few of the pages fell out before the new year even began! So, a few weeks ago when I saw Michelle's post all about her lovely new diary I caved and decided to replace it. This was partly due to the fact that I was so disappointed about my inferior diary falling apart already and partly because I had a cold at the time and was feeling rather sorry for myself. Either way I went straight off to place an order and discovered that the Piyo Diary - version 2, the very diary that Michelle had showcased, also came with two other cover design options, and when I saw that one of these had bunnies on there was no turning back!

*This is a bit of a lie as I also keep a 'film diary'... but that's just in a regular notebook not an actual diary!

piyo diary weeks
piyo diary month

This beautiful illustrated undated diary design is the perfect addition to my organising routine. With yearly, monthly and weekly page formats all included there are lots of layout options however I decided to keep the same format as I was using in my previous diary - reserving the monthly pages for blog planning and the weekly sections for everything else.

piyo diary markers
Diary washi tapes

Since then I have been looking for various ways to jazz up my pretty new diary friend with cute accessories like these bunny page markers which, of course I couldn't resist. I've also been personalising the pages by adding various tapes, stickers and transfers - somebody hand me the rolls of washi tape, colourful organising is fun!
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