Wednesday, 8 January 2014

DIY Dip Dye - Crazy Color Peacock Blue & Directions Alpine Green

turquoise hair crazy color peacock blue directions alpine green
crazy color peacock blue directions alpine green mermaid hair dye

A few months back I decided to have some fun with my hair colour and opted for a mixture of turquoise and green. I completely forgot to post about this at the time but I thought it might still be worth sharing now as I know people will always be looking for swatches and reviews before choosing a dye brand or colour.

To achieve the colour I wanted I mixed together these two shades (approx. 2/3 blue, 1/3 green) as I applied them onto my hair rather than pre-mixing. As you can see from the photographs above over a few washes the colour faded from a bright turquoise to more of a mint green shade. This fading process happened fairly quickly however the mint green shade I was left with, although it has faded, is still refusing to budge completely. I have since had a haircut where I left several inches of mint green hair on the floor of the hairdressers however even months later I am left with a few slightly green tinted strands.

Of course everyone's hair is different and the swatch photographs above only show how this mix of dyes turned out and faded on my hair but hopefully this will be helpful to someone considering trying out these colours.

For reference: the ends of my hair had been pre-lightened at home using a box kit a while before applying these dyes

Have you tried either of these colours? 
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