Monday, 30 September 2013

September Blogging Roundup

The monthly 'Blogging Roundup' is a re-cap post with links to posts from the last four weeks plus any other blog-related favourites. (Usually featuring an unrelated image also taken that month!)

DIY & Crafts
Simple Bead Bracelets - a simple step-by-step tutorial for simple but beautiful bracelets anyone can make
Double Spike Earrings - turn spiked studs into earrings/faux plugs with this quick tutorial
Clear Cascade Earrings' - I try out a DIY project from P.S - You're Invited, the new book from Erica Domesek
Blood Slide Candy - part of my Dexter inspired series these edible blood slides would also be perfect for a Halloween party
Laura Moser's Manicure - another Dexter inspired post featuring the famous manicure from season 1
Layered Chain Bracelets - its easy to recreate this jewellery trend at home with a few basic supplies

Entertainment Reviews
P.S - You're Invited by Erica Domesek (2013)* - a brand new craft book from this popular creative blogger  
Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (2005) -the second instalment in the Dexter series with a truly terrifying villain
L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad (2009) - the reality stars' first published novel about two girls who move to L.A.
Freaking Out by Polly Wells & Peter Mitchell (2013)* - real life stories of young people's expereinces with anxiety
Thin Space by Jody Casella (2013)* - this supernatural YA novel was one of my favourite reads of the year so far

Also this month
- I wrote a week of themed posts based on Dexter, leading up the final episode. Find the full Dexter Week roundup here
- Michelle also very kindly featured e-elise etc alongside some wonderful crafty blogs over at Aesthetic Online!

*c/o Netgalley

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday DIY: Layered Chain Bracelets

diy layered chain bracelets 1
diy layered chain bracelets 24

I know, I know another bracelet DIY but I just couldn't resist this one - this style is on trend right now and is super easy to replicate with just a few basic supplies!

Here's what you'll need:
  • pieces of chain - variety is key, try to use different thicknesses, styles and colours
  • jump rings - opt for a larger size, 8mm or above, to make sure you can fit on all of the chains
  • a clasp - personally I prefer lobster clasps as they are easiest to fasten
  • jewellery pliers - any flat-nosed pliers will do!
  • nail polish - optional if you would like to create a coloured bracelet

1. Measure around your wrist and cut as many pieces of chain as you would like for your bracelet

2. If you want your bracelet to be coloured the next step is to lay the lengths of chain on top of some scrap paper and carefully paint them with nail polish. Of course if you want to keep the bracelet plain skip this step!

3. When you have all of your pieces of chain ready, open up a jump ring using pliers and thread on the chains one by one. Close up the jump ring then repeat this step for the other end of the chains

4. The final step is to add on a clasp and your bracelet is ready to wear... simple! :)

If you don't fancy having a go at making your own here are some of the high street & designer alternatives that inspired this DIY...

- Two Layer Chain Bracelet, £10 Urban Outfitters
- Twin Chain Bracelet, £96.69 Rebekka Rebekka
- Sterling Silver Multi Chain Bracelet, £39.99 Argos
- Multi Chains Bracelet, £29.99 Mango
- Mixed Multi Chain Bracelet, £8.50 Topshop
- Chains Pyrite Bracelet, £32 Tilly Doro
- Plaited Multi Chain Bracelet, £12.50 Dorothy Perkins

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What I've Been Watching Lately

watching lately 1
 Images via

For a while now I've been wanting to bring back something in place of the 'Monthly Film Roundup' mini review style posts that I used to write but was unsure what format to go with. Inspired by Gillian over at Elevator Musik, who recently started a Netflix based series, this time I've decided not just to focus on film but to include TV as well. Here's what I've been watching lately...

Breaking Bad (Seasons 1 & 2)
This incredibly popular, Emmy award winning drama series focuses on Walter White, a chemistry teacher who discovers he has lung cancer and turns to a life of crime in order to secure the financial future of his family. After three previous failed attempts to start watching this show (I just couldn't get interested enough...!) I've finally been making some progress and have just finished season 2. So many people adore Breaking Bad and whilst I'm not quite there yet I am looking forward to finding out what happens next. If you're a fan I'd love to know whether you knew right from the first episode or if it took you a while to fall in love with the show... let me know in the comments! ✯✯✯

Orange Is The New Black (Season 1)
This Netflix original is based on the real-life story of Piper Kerman who found herself in a women's prison years after getting caught up with the wrong people and delivering a suitcase of drug money. This is actually another show that failed to hold my attention first time round, but I recently caught up on the full series after hearing constant recommendations. I really liked the flashback format where the other prisoners past lives are also explored but even after finishing the series this one still hasn't completely won me over. ✯✯✯

Frankenweenie, dir. Tim Burton (2012)
When Victor's beloved dog Sparky dies suddenly he turns to science to bring him back to life. In true Frankenstein style other people aren't as pleased to see the new version of Sparky, leaving Victor to prove that he's still the perfect pet. I was hoping to review this film in full as part of next month's Halloween series however after watching it I decided there wasn't enough I wanted to say. As much as I love stop-motion animation and Tim Burton's unique creations I was disappointed by the film and felt that it would have worked better as a short. Having said that I did enjoy all of the references to the classic horror films that have clearly inspired Burton's work over the years and I can't deny that Sparky the dog was adorable! ✯✯

About Time, dir. Richard Curtis (2013)
At age 21 Tim discovers a huge family secret - the men in his family are all able to travel through time and change their own lives, and so Tim begins his journey to improve both his own life and those of his loved ones. Whilst I'll admit this isn't my usual kind of film so I definitely walked in to the cinema feeling sceptical I actually really quite enjoyed it. Yes, this was probably in part due to the fact that Bill Nighy is always awesome but I'd definitely watch it again sometime! ✯✯✯

If you have any TV or film recommendations for me please leave suggestions in the comments below!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Dexter Week - Roundup

dexter week logo

Love it or hate it, either way there's far too much to say about the series finale so I've sensibly decided to skip reviewing it, which means that's it for the Dexter series here at e-elise etc! I really hope that you've enjoyed this week's posts. In case you missed out on anything here's a roundup of the whole week...

I had a lot of fun coming up with the ideas so if you'd like to see another series of themed posts, featuring a different TV series or perhaps something else entirely, please leave your suggestions in the comments.
Don't forget there's still time to enter my Dexter book giveaway which finishes soon! 

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dexter Week - DIY Blood Slide Candy

blood slide candy dexter diy

The way I saw it there weren't a whole lot of Dexter DIY possibilities that were both plausible and interesting... As much as I'd love to cover a room in my house with plastic sheeting (?!) I didn't think my parents would be particularly impressed, so I decided to go with the sensible choice and have a little fun in the kitchen instead. So here it is - my edible Dexter themed DIY - how awesome are these little candy versions of blood slides?!

The slides are made from hard candy, created by boiling a mixture of sugar, water, liquid glucose and cream of tartar. The 'blood drips' are just red food colouring added on at the end using a cocktail stick! The original idea for these came from Forkable however I ending up following an adapted recipe from yoyomax12 on YouTube.  

The most difficult part of the process was creating the uniform rectangle shapes without cracking the candy (although if you do smash some it looks like shattered glass which can be used to decorate cupcakes for a Halloween party!). In the adapted version of the recipe the outlines of the slides are scored onto the candy sheet whilst it is still warm, meaning you can snap it into pieces later on rather than having to heat up a blade for each cut through the hard candy once it has set - which is why I chose to follow this method.

If you want to make your own you can find full instructions for both versions of the recipe by following these links - Forkable | Yoyomax12 (info in the drop down box) - my main piece of advice would be to, if possible, make them on the day you want to serve them and keep them in the fridge as if you're not careful they will melt and make a sticky mess!

Don't forget there's still time to enter my Dexter book giveaway below!

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dexter Week - A Very Dexter Breakfast

The opening sequence of Dexter is definitely one of my favourites and has been since I watched the very first episode. From the music to the way that the close-up shots make Dexter's everyday morning routine seem sinister, it fits the themes of the show perfectly and is clearly very well thought out.

The sequence, creatively directed by Eric Anderson, has been heavily analysed by many bloggers and critics due to its use of iconography. The idea of the 'mundane' becoming a series of striking images representative of who Dexter really is - a psychopath and serial killer - is a clever idea that has had audiences captivated over 8 seasons. As well as acting as an exploration of who the character is, it also references the idea of Dexter putting together his 'cover image' - the character he wears on a daily basis to hide the truth. The imagery itself seems to also mirror crime scene photography - another reference to the content of the show as Dexter is often found camera in hand at a crime scene as part of his day job as a blood spatter analyst.

There's so much to discuss when it comes to these credits but I'm going to leave it here with a quote from Dexter actor Michael C. Hall on filming the famous sequence (source) -

"While we were shooting on the stage next door, we were shooting stuff at the police precinct, and I would just run over there whenever there was a break, and do the little pieces. Whether it was putting on a shirt or tying my shoes or eating ham. And it’s funny because it all felt so hurried and haphazard and an afterthought but it obviously turned into one of the iconic images of the show. It lived on more perpetually than anything I ever did anywhere else. I just think it was eerie, creepy, weirdly beautiful and simultaneously mundane and heightened. It was just a perfect introduction to the character and the world of the show ... the way the little ding at the end of the song coincides with that half smile and look up as Dexter walks out of his apartment — that really sets him up in a great way."

Sadly we're now nearing the end of Dexter Week but don't forget to check back tomorrow for an edible Dexter-themed DIY. Intrigued?... I'll see you tomorrow!

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Dexter Week - Laura Moser's Manicure

laura moser manicure dexter week
laura moser manicure dexter week

china glaze dexter manicure
108 Degrees, Sunshine Pop, Tantalize Me, Orange You Hot?, Cha Cha Cha

Today I've put my personal nail polish colour preferences aside to bring you my version of the iconic multi-coloured manicure worn by Laura Moser and made famous by the prosthetic arm from season 1's Ice Truck Killer case. As these aren't my usual sort of nail colour choices I've mixed various polishes from my collection to recreate the look but have found some lookalike shades from China Glaze (shown above).

laura moser manicure dexter week
Image via Dexter Wiki

Tomorrow I'll be talking about the famous Dexter credit sequence... 

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dexter Week - Dearly Devoted Dexter (Giveaway!)

dearly devoted dexter

Although the TV adaptation veers away from the novels after Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the second book in the series, does have one particular element that was also included in the show; the ever-suspicious Doakes tailing Dexter 24/7. When we rejoin Dexter after the events of the previous book he is stuck in a rut struggling to balance his life as a serial killer with his ‘cover’ life. Doakes has always been suspicious that there is something not quite right about Dexter, and as we know he’s very much right, however in Dearly Devoted Dexter the two are forced to team up to achieve a mutual goal.

In this instalment we are introduced to several people who fit ‘Harry’s code’ including a truly terrifying main antagonist named Dr. Danco. His methods are extreme choosing to torture his victims by slowly amputating unessential parts of their bodies in a very surgical way whilst they are forced to watch via a mirror. At times the descriptions are fairly graphic and there are more than a few lost limbs to be found in this book.

Since it is written in the first person, the book does lack somewhat in terms of exploration of the other characters. Whilst Dexter’s internal monologues make for an interesting read it would also be nice to gain more of an insight into the rest of the characters, in particular Deb who as a viewer of the TV series I feel has a lot more potential than she is perhaps awarded in the novels.

One very interesting element however is Dexter’s relationship with Cody, girlfriend Rita’s young son. In this chapter we learn that Dexter sees himself in Cody and has thoughts of teaching him the code. This is something that differs completely from the TV adaptation but a very intriguing subject to perhaps be explored in the rest of the novels.

Dearly Devoted Dexter with its extremely creepy antagonist is overall an entertaining read, however I stand by my earlier conclusion that the TV adaptation tells a better story. Having said that I do think its definitely worth delving into the book series if you’re a Dexter fan – it has definitely helped me through the fact that the series is about to end!

 Find my review of Darkly Dreamer Dexter over at Blogger's Bookshelf.

Today I'm also launching a little giveaway where you could win a copy of the book!
You have just 6 days to enter so for your chance to win just fill out the Rafflecopter form below (UK residents only), good luck!

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Tomorrow I'll be sharing a Dexter inspired manicure...

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dexter Week - Deb Morgan Style Inspiration

deb style insp
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

More notably recognised for her tough attitude and excessive swearing Debra Morgan, portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter, isn't exactly your typical TV style icon (hello, Zoe Hart!). Despite this Deb's style has really evolved over seasons 7 & 8 with a slightly more chic and put together version of her laid-back style from the earlier episodes - Deb has never dressed better! The key elements to the look are stripes, skinny jeans, shirts, loose fitting knitwear, ombre hair and a pair of heeled boots. Here's a rundown of the items I've selected to recreate Deb's look...

1. Wave Denim Shirt by Acne - denim shirts have been a staple in Deb's re-worked wardrobe. This light wash shirt has an oversized, boyish cut which is versatile and perfect for layering.

2. Aviators by Ray Ban - living by the beach in Miami means it's essential to own a good pair of sunglasses. These gold-rimmed aviators by Ray Ban are both a stylish and practical choice.

3. Fisherman Stripe T-shirt by Vince - pairing basic striped shirts in various colours with simple jeans has been the go-to for Deb's everyday wear in the later seasons. A simple monochrome tee is easy to mix and match with various coloured jeans.

4. Wild Ombre by L'Oreal - to get the ombre look at home try a kit like this one from L'Oreal which has everything you need to recreate Deb's hair colour.

5. Lucca Boots in Beige by Sam Edelman - the boots Deb has been wearing on the show during season 8, which actually belong to Jennifer, are a world away from her old style chunky lace-ups. This Sam Edelman pair have a similar shape and style that will instantly smarten up your look.

6. Rally Jeans by Rag & Bone - I love the light khaki colour of these jeans which are very similar to a pair Deb was seen sporting alongside a denim shirt. Comfortable but stylish, skinny jeans are an essential of Deb's everyday look.

7. Colorblock Cardigan by J. Crew - this particular cardigan is the same one Jennifer actually wore layered over a striped tee in the 8th episode of season 8. The simple colours blend in well with the palette of her wardrobe and the loose fitting style is also great for layering.

8. Breton Tee by Topshop - another variation of the striped tee, this time with a pop of colour and short sleeves. Again, this tee has an oversized fit making it comfortable yet stylish.

*Images of Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan via

Dexter Week continues tomorrow with a book review & sneaky little giveaway!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dexter Week - Five Best Villains

Image source

Welcome to the very first post of Dexter Week! I've decided to kick off this mini series with the bad guys, those that if we're honest we were all routing for Dexter to catch. Interestingly enough of the five I've chosen only two were actually killed by Dexter in the end but all five are worthy of the villain title.

*Contains spoilers for all seasons - don't say I didn't warn you!


Monday, 16 September 2013

Dexter Week Is Coming!

dexter week logo

After quickly becoming one of my favourite TV shows, Dexter sadly comes to end in just 7 days time with the season 8 finale being the very last episode...ever.  Despite the final season being a bit of a disappointment (yes, I said it) I still think Dexter deserves a proper send off, blogger-style. So, to honour the end of a unique show I've decided to host a week full of Dexter-themed posts here at e-elise etc!

For the next week or so I will be talking all things Dexter. From lists to book reviews and even a themed DIY, I've been busy working away on this idea since early August so I really hope that you're going to enjoy reading the series as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Make sure you check back everyday this week for a new post - and don't forget to send all your Dexter fan friends over too!

The Dexter takeover begins tomorrow with a rundown of the 5 best villains...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

A 'P.S.- You're Invited' DIY

diy ps youre invited 1

Earlier this week I shared my thoughts on a new DIY/craft book from successful blogger Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This... and for today's DIY post I wanted to share one of her simple but effective ideas with you. The project I've chosen to share is the Clear Cascade Earrings from the 'Make A Splash' beach club inspired section of the book. These earrings only take about 5 minutes to make but have a really unique look, here's how it's done...

diy ps youre invited 2

All you'll need is 2 earring wires, 6 jump rings, clear plastic tubing, pliers & scissors

diy ps youre invited 3

1. The first step is creating your clear rings by cutting 10 thin rings from the tubing

Tip! - You'll only need a piece of tube approximately 1cm long for this craft so why not use the rest of your tubing for another DIY project?

diy ps youre invited 4

2. You're essentially going to be creating a short chain so start by opening up a jump ring, threading on two clear rings and closing the jump ring

3. Lay out your chain so that you have a clear ring, followed by a jump ring and then another clear ring. To one of the clear rings add on another jump ring plus three more clear rings - this will form the detail at the bottom of the earring

4. At the other end add on one final jump ring plus an earring wire to the clear ring. Repeat the above steps to create a second earring and you're done!

diy ps youre invited 5

Happy DIY-ing!  

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

P.S. - You're Invited

 photo 61eeWb7IbvL__zps0feced41.jpg
Image via

In honour of new craft tutorial inspiration book P.S. You’re Invited, written by blogger Erica Domesek (of P.S. I Made This), today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on the book as well as trying out one of the projects for myself as this week's Sunday DIY!


As a fellow DIY and craft blogger I was excited to get my hands on an advanced ebook copy of P.S. - You’re Invited back in the Spring, particularly after the success of Erica’s previous fashion DIY book P.S. - I Made This, based on her amazing blog of the same name.

This time the book’s theme is crafting for a variety parties and occasions, each one with it’s own section including several DIY project tutorials. My favourite sections were ‘Sexy Mexi’ a colourful range of fiesta inspired ideas, ‘Game On’ with girls game night projects and ‘Cheers’ which focuses on a more glamorous evening or dinner party. Each tutorial is easy to follow with step by step photo guides, easy to read fonts and beautiful bright images. In addition to the photo tutorials there is also digital content available where you can watch videos and get extra tips from Erica herself – a fantastic and innovative interactive element that adds to the reading experience.

For me personally the stand out projects were the ‘Glam Wire Earrings’ a thrifty idea where paperclips and safety pins are used to create a pair of statement earrings, ‘Striped Champagne Flutes’ decorated with nail polish, the ‘Fringe Garland’ a brilliantly versatile idea that could work for many occasions and finally the unusual ‘Cork Clutch’. I would say there is something for everyone in this book in terms of style but also in the difficulty levels of the projects. As with many books in this genre not all of the ideas were to my taste however many of them could easily be adapted to suit each reader.

As well as the individual tutorials there is also a rundown of basic supplies every aspiring crafter should have stashed away, plus a ‘where to buy it’ feature for several of the specific projects at the end of the book.

Overall P.S. – You're Invited is full of simple but effective ideas which don’t require much previous DIY/craft experience but could also be adapted and taken further which is great for beginners and experienced crafters alike. I would absolutely love to create a project like this myself and have definitely found Erica’s book to be a great inspiration. I just hope that if I ever publish my own DIY book I can do it as well as Erica!

Find P.S. - You're Invited on Amazon


So, that’s my review of the book – as you can tell I would definitely recommend picking it up! 
Don't forget to check back on Sunday to see my version of a DIY from the P.S You’re Invited collection.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Black Milk vs. Harry Potter

blackmilk harry potter 2 black milk harry potter 4 black milk harry potter 6

Today sees the release day of a new Harry Potter inspired collection from popular Australian brand Black Milk, who are most famous for their range of bold printed leggings. With collections based on Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings and even Sesame Street already available on the website this new collection is the perfect fit for the brand.

The Hogwarts collection includes tees, swimsuits, bodycon dresses and of course lots of printed leggings. Prices start at $60 AUD and go all the way up to $100 AUD - which converts to approximately £35-60.

Whether many of these pieces are particularly wearable, at least in my world, is debatable but if you're looking to splash out on something unique this may be the collection for you.
My collection over at Sawyer & Scout including the brand new Platform 9 3/4 necklace is a much more subtle (and affordable!) way to show off your love for HP, so I think for now I'll be sticking to that!

Images via the Black Milk Facebook page

What are your favourite items from the Black Milk Harry Potter collection?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday DIY: Simple Bead Bracelets

diy simple bead bracelet 1
diy simple bead bracelet 3

Pretty, simple and perfect as a gift these beaded bracelets are a great little DIY to remember and best of all the technique itself is completely customisable to suit your personal taste. Switch simple glass beads for shapes or something sparkly, or swap delicate silver chain for chunky gold - whatever your style follow these simple steps to create your own...

To make your own you will need - beads, an eyepin, chain, jump rings, a clasp, flat and round nosed pliers, wire cutters

1. Take an eyepin and thread on your bead/s
Tip - Odd numbers of beads always look best!

2. To create a loop at the other end of the eyepin, take flat nosed pliers and bend the remaining wire to a 90° angle

3. Use wire cutters to trim off any excess then use your round-nosed pliers to create a loop

4. Using small jump rings and pliers attach a length of chain to each side of your beads, then use two more jump rings to attach the clasp to the other ends

That's all there is to it! Happy DIY-ing!  

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sinful Colors - Envy

sinful colors nail polish envy swatch

For the last few months I've had Topshop's mint green shade Valley permenantly attached to my nails resulting in no nail-talk here at e-elise etc. Recently I decided to switch things up and opt for a different shade of green, enter Envy by Sinful Colors.

I'd been looking for a simple creme finish dark green for quite a while so I was very pleased to find this shimmer-free Sinful Colors shade named Envy. Not only is it the closest I've found to the shade I had dreamt up but it is also on the lower end of the price scale at just £1.99.

I'm happy to report back that two coats of Envy finished off with my favourite topcoat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri) lasted around five days without any major chipping - pretty impressive considering the price tag!

The Sinful Colors range is available at Boots stores and online.  

Have you tried the Sinful Colors range?


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The September & October TBR Pile


After last month's half-fail, I'm determined to do a better job with my TBR list for September and October. This time round I'm sharing my TBR list for the next two months as I am planning to review the Horror/Thriller books listed below as part of a Halloween themed mini series here next month. I know it might seem crazy to be talking Halloween themed posts in early September, and to be honest it's actually August whilst I'm writing this post... but stick with me on this one - I promise I have a plan!

First up, and totally off theme, I'm putting both Paper Towns (John Green) and A Really Awesome Mess (Cook & Halpin) back into the mix after being disappointed that I didn't manage to find time for them in August. I also thought they might make a nice break from the Halloween themed reads!

Next up I have four books via Netgalley, each with their own form of Horror theme. Parasite (Mira Grant) is a Sci-Fi/Horror set in a future world where humanity no longer has to deal with sickness or disease, what could possibly go wrong?! I did briefly try reading Feed, one of Grant's other books, last year however I couldn't get on with it so I'm hoping Parasite will be more engaging.
The second ebook on the list is Sick (Tom Leveen) a post-apocolyptic zombie novel which has intriguingly been labelled 'The Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead'. Next up is YA Dystopian Foreverland Is Dead (Tony Bertauski), another one I didn't quite get around to in August and finally we have Witch Hunt (Tabitha Morrow) a tale set in New Salem where teenager Ruth discovers her friends are witches.
Completing my themed reads are three books all recognisable because of their film adaptations - Red Riding Hood (Sarah Blakley-Cartwright & David Leslie Johnson), The Hole (Guy Burt) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (Lois Duncan). Although I haven't yet seen Red Riding Hood due to hearing some terrible reviews, back in the day I enjoyed the adaptations of both The Hole and I Know What You Did Last Summer so I'm looking forward to re-visiting them in book format, and perhaps even re-visiting the films too.

Last up we have Everlost (Neal Shusterman) the final title to cross off of my 'Books I Vow To Read in 2013' list over at Blogger's Bookshelf. I chose to include Everlost as one of my five picks because last year I read Shusterman's Unwind which I really loved. I'm looking forward to starting this series and hoping it will be just as good as Unwind.

Do you have any horror recommendations?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday DIY: Double Spike Earrings

diy double spike earrings

Today's DIY is so simple that it doesn't even require a step-by-step tutorial! Double spiked earrings, or faux plugs, can be found in many high street stores as well as from designer brands but its really easy to make your own at home with some basic supplies.

diy double spike earrings

All you'll need is - screwback spike studs, earring posts with backs (non-butterfly style) and strong glue such as E6000

1. Take one of your spikes and remove the screw. Use strong glue to attach on an earring post

2. Next you'll need to create the spike for the back. Your earring back should fit snuggly into where the screw would normally go - just use strong glue to attach it into place and you're done!

Tip! - why not paint the spikes with your favourite nail polish?

Would you wear the double spiked earring look?
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