Sunday, 29 December 2013

Top Ten DIYs Of 2013


For the final Sunday DIY post of the year I thought I would reflect on all of the ideas and tutorials I have shared here during the last twelve months. Over the year I've posted a huge 60 DIYs (!) but these are ten of my favourites...

1. Quote Necklaces (Mean Girls Inspired) - one of my most popular projects of the year were these shrink plastic pendants inspired by one of my favourite films. They were so popular infact that the designs are now also available to purchase over at Sawyer & Scout for those who don't fancy making their own.

2. A Bracelet Of Rings - another popular jewellery project was this bracelet design made up of rings from back in March. This is a great way to give a new lease of life to all of those pretty rings you wouldn't usually be able to wear all at once.

3. Charm Cluster Hair Ties - these pretty hair ties, inspired by designers like Marc Jacobs and Henri Bendel, are simple to make and work just as beautifully as bracelets whilst you're not using them for your hair!

4. Hex Bracelets - these chunky style bracelets made from mini hex nuts and waxed cord are both stylish and simple to create. The design is perfect for any season and can be created in whatever colour combination you want!

5. Tinted Glass Jars - Mod Podge is one of the craft supplies that makes a regular appearance here as it's so versatile. With a few other household supplies you can use it to create these pretty upcycled glass jars for storage or decoration.

6. Custom Spiked Shoes - my favourite thing about this project is that it is totally reversible and won't damage your shoes! By using screw on spikes and placing them through the holes on your shoes where the laces would normally go you can create a whole new, but temporary, look.

7. Recycled Plastic Jewellery - as you know I've been loving shrink plastic crafts and this one in particular is a favourite as it recycles old plastic packaging into unique jewellery pieces. You can create absolutely any design you like with this idea - if you can draw/trace it you can make it!

8. Shaving Foam Prints - the messiest project of the bunch is this marbled printing technique using shaving foam and poster paints. The effect it creates is perfect for cards, gift wrap or any similar items, definitely one to bookmark for birthdays.

9. Ribbon Bracelets - with this project the design possibilities are endless and I even recently posted a festive version of this DIY using Christmas ribbons. This is also another design that is now available over at Sawyer & Scout for those who don't want to DIY.

10. Washer Rings - of the many hardware jewellery DIYs I posted here and saw elsewhere online this year these washer rings were definitely a favourite. I love the simple design and how easy they were to make. If the plain colours aren't your thing you can always jazz them up with your favourite nail polishes!

Here's to lots more DIYs in 2014!
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