Friday, 20 December 2013

This Week #5


1. DIY Beehive Hat Kit By Toft - for Sunday's post I picked up my knitting needles and tested out one of Toft's lovely DIY hat kits

2. A New Twitter Name - on Monday I shared a quick update on my new Twitter name (@eeliseetc) and how you can now follow my shop on it's very own account (@sawyerandscout)

3. A Very Harry Potter Christmas - Tuesday's post was all about one of my favourite series - Harry Potter! I talked everything from DIY decorations and snacks to Marauder's Map blankets

4. Past Christmas Crafts - on Wednesday I rounded up a little bit of last minute inspiration featuring all of the Christmas DIYs I have posted here to date

5. A Little Book Haul - finishing up this week's posts, yesterday I talked books with a small haul from The Works

Coming up next week... a festive manicure, a snowflake bracelet DIY & my December reading roundup

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