Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December TBR

december tbr
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First up this month I have three books c/o Netgalley - Impostor (Susanne Winnacker) & Red (Alison Cherry) which have both been receiving good reviews online already, and The Sowing (Steven dos Santos) the second book in The Culling series.
Red has a very strange premise revolving around the idea of a town where redheads hold all the power, whilst Impostor focuses on a girl who has the ability to absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and can then mimic their appearance.

I read and reviewed The Culling earlier this year so am looking forward to reading The Sowing and finding out where this series is heading. Similarly to The Hunger Games the first book followed a group of candidates as they were put through a series of 'to the death' tests, which if they failed resulted in their family members or friends being brutally killed. As I said in my review I am very intrigued to find out what the bigger picture is in this series.

The final book rounding up this month's TBR post is Quiet (Susan Cain), a non-fiction title which explores the value of introverts. Ria recently reviewed this one over at Blogger's Bookshelf so definitely head on over and check out her post if you're intrigued.

In addition I have a three book library haul coming up, all of which I'm hoping to read this month... more on those next week!

What will you be reading in December?
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