Friday, 22 November 2013

This Week #1

this week 1
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For the last few months I've introduced a once a month roundup post featuring all of my DIYs & reviews. Since I am no longer posting a DIY tutorial every week and have decided to include links to book reviews within my 'Reads' posts (also once per month) I thought I would introduce a weekly roundup instead - sharing links to posts from the last week, plus a few Instagram snaps!

1. Winter Wardrobe Updates - on Sunday I shared the second post in my new DIY Inspiration series, this time looking at thrifty ways to update last year's knitwear/sweatshirts

2. An Evening With Veronica Roth - on Tuesday I talked about this event I attended a couple of weeks ago - the full post can be found over at Blogger's Bookshelf

3. Family Weekend Film Review - on Wednesday I shared a mini review of this quirky title which was recently made available on Netflix in the UK

4. Sawyer & Scout Discount Code - yesterday I shared a Sawyer & Scout discount code as I am celebrating the release of Catching Fire with a 20% off promotion!

What did you blog about this week?
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