Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday DIY Inspiration - Winter Wardrobe Updates

winter wardrobe updates diy

This week I thought I would share some great DIY ideas for updating last year's jumpers and sweatshirts. Here are some of my favourite projects...

1. A Cosy Pom-Pom-Sleeved Sweater (via Refinery29)
If you're looking for a fun project this might be the one for you. Jenni over at Refinery29 has used small pom poms to add 3D embellishment to the sleeves of an old jumper. With some basic sewing skills your refreshed jumper will be ready in no time!

2. Embellished Sweater (via DeSmitten)
Still dreaming about all of the extravagant jewels in The Great Gatsby? Adding clusters of stones to plain knitwear can give a more lavish look.

3. Elbow Patch (via Honestly WTF)
Elbow patches are a favourite of mine, and luckily they're easy to DIY. These heart shaped felt patches are one of the more unusual and interesting designs I've seen so far, however if the hearts aren't your thing don't worry - there are tons of tutorials out there to suit your style.

4. Embroidered Fairisle Sweater (via Paper & Stitch)
Another Winter favourite of mine is fairisle. This guest tutorial shows how you can add a pretty fairisle design to your knitwear and even provides a free printable pattern.

5. Zip Jumper (via Fall For DIY)
A style I've been sporting myself this year is knitwear with exposed zips. I picked mine up from Next however if you have an old jumper lying around you can easily make your own version with Francesca's great tutorial.

6. Block Printed Sweater (via Fine Little Day)
If sewing isn't your thing why not try out this DIY stamp idea from Fine Little Day? You hardly need any supplies to create your own stamps and fabric paints can simply be set in place with an iron. The design possibilities here are endless, you can be as ambitious as you like!

Which idea is your favourite?
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