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October Reads

october reads
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Due to everyday last month being filled up with Month Of Scares the usual 'reads' roundup was skipped over in favour of something Halloween-themed. Of course, behind the scenes I was still doing a lot of reading, so today I have a (late) roundup of October's books.

First up is A Really Awesome Mess* (Trish Cook & Brendan Halpin) which I will be reviewing in full later this month over at Blogger's Bookshelf. The book tells the story of a group of troubled teens living at reform school Heartland Academy, where this Breakfast Club-esque group, led by Emmy and Justin, must learn to work together to achieve their personal goals. A Really Awesome Mess has received extremely mixed reviews and has caused some controversy with it's portrayal of sensitive issues such as depression and anorexia - more on this in my full review next week!

Next up we have my first venture into the popular novels of Rainbow Rowell; 2013 release Fangirl. The book focuses on Cath who is about to start college and is feeling lost and anxious as twin sister Wren has decided she needs her independence. Cath's story is intertwined with snippets of the Simon Snow fanfiction she writes. I have already posted a full review of this one over at Blogger's Bookshelf - find it here.

Another Netgalley read from October was Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest* (A. Lee Martinez), which I have posted a short review of over on Goodreads. The story follows the two teens on their journey after they are placed under an ancient curse, along the way encountering all sorts including dragons, orcs and a strange lady named Babs.

Last up are two books from Veronica Roth; short story The Transfer and Allegiant, the final instalment in the Divergent trilogy. The Transfer is the first of four short stories told from popular character Four's perspective. At around only 30 pages, The Transfer is all about Four's decision to join the Dauntless faction and his rocky relationship with his father, an interesting, albeit inessential read for fans of the Divergent series. Although I won't be reviewing Allegiant in full - don't worry we're spoiler free here - there has been a lot of mixed reviews on this series finale. All I will say is that my main issue with the book was not the bold choices that Veronica made (I actually respect her decision to end the story in the way she felt was right, rather than trying to please fans) but rather the dual-POV which alternates between Tris and Four. Although I liked this idea I did feel that at times it was a little difficult to distinguish between their voices as they weren't all that distinctive from each other. With the series now complete I'm planning to re-read all three books before the Divergent movie adaptation lands in April.

What did you read in October?

Books marked with a * were received for review via Netgalley.
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