Friday, 29 November 2013

This Week #2

Can't resist 3 for £5 / Catching Fire! / First read of the week / Wrapped up warm / Second read of the week / Restocking Sawyer & Scout's most popular designs
1. Give The Gift Of DIY - in my first post of the week I shared some gift inspiration in the form of craft kits

2. Five... TV Shows I Would Love To See On Netflix UK - on Wednesday I talked TV shows with a list of 5 I would love to see come to Netflix UK

3. November Reads - yesterday I posted a (rather lengthly) roundup of the books I've read this month including Eleanor & Park, Gossip Girl, Paper Towns and Roomies

1. Over at Blogger's Bookshelf I reviewed an (unofficial) Taylor Swift biography just in time for Christmas. We also talked book to film adaptations in this month's group post titled 'If We Made The Movies'

2. I also talked independent jewellery sellers vs. big companies over at Blogging By Sophie. After recently completing a custom order for Sophie she kindly asked me to contribute to a post - head on over, I'm sure you'll love her blog!

3. Finally, I shared my bunnies' story over at Gold Dust as part of Katie's Perfect Pets series. Each week she features a different blogger and their pet - definitely one to check out if you're an animal lover!

Coming up next week... handmade gift ideas, a festive book review, my December TBR and a Mean Girls inspired DIY.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Reads & Reviews

nov reads

November was a pretty good reading month as I managed to make my way through seven books. Here's the rundown...

Kindle Reads
First up I'm pleased to say that I finally read Paper Towns (John Green) after putting it on my TBR list... well, most months. When Margo suddenly goes missing Quentin starts looking for clues, believing that he is the only one who will be able to find her, and so the mystery begins. I actually really loved the beginning of the book and thought it could potentially become a favourite but unfortunately as I read on a wasn't so keen on the later chapters. Overall I'd give it a 3.5/5, and am glad I finally got around to reading it!

Next up is Roomies* (Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando) which tells the story of two teens who have never met but find out they are about to be college roommates. The girls start to get to know each other via email and end up sharing the stories of their last summer before college. My full review of Roomies will be posted over at Blogger's Bookshelf after Christmas to tie in with the festive release date.

My final Kindle read of the month was Evan Angler's Swipe, the first book in the Swipe series which follows 12 year old Logan Langley. In this world children are given 'the Mark' at 13 which allows them freedom to do things such as get a job, pay for items or use public transport. For months Logan has had a feeling that he is being watched and when new girl Erin moves to town they team up to investigate the mystery. In the end I actually quite enjoyed this one, definitely more than I had expected to and I am now reading the second book of the series - Sneak*.

Library Books
From my recent library haul I read four books - Ketchup Clouds (Annabel Pitcher), Eleanor & Park (Rainbow Rowell), Gossip Girl (Cecily von Ziegesar) and Let It Snow (John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle).

In Ketchup Clouds we meet Zoe, a girl who is writing letters to an inmate on death row to confess a huge secret; she killed her boyfriend. As the story of what really happened unfolds will Zoe be able to forgive herself? This one surprised me, although it sounded intriguing and had received great reviews I was unsure because of the letter format, something I usually don't enjoy. Keep an eye out over at Blogger's Bookshelf next month to find out what I thought!

Next up was Eleanor & Park, a book I had avoided for a while as I thought it wouldn't be for me. After reading Rowell's latest novel Fangirl I was encouraged to give Eleanor & Park a chance and I'm really glad I did. I won't be writing a full post on this one but Michelle recently shared a great review over at Daisybutter.

Gossip Girl on the other hand was definitely not worth me picking up. I decided to read it as I was intrigued to see how it compared to the TV adaptation and although I hadn't expected to enjoy it very much I was still disappointed. Unfortunately I found it quite boring and didn't love the writing style. Perhaps for big fans of the TV show it would be a good read but it just wasn't the book for me.

My final library read this month was Let It Snow, a collection of three festive short stories intertwined by the characters and locations. The tales are each written by a different YA author and all take place at Christmas time making it a great read for the holiday season. If you want to know more about this one keep an eye out for a full review here next week!

Finally this month I read the first chapter of Cress* (Marissa Meyer) which is due for release next year. Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series which are all loosely based on classic fairytale characters within a futuristic setting. Cress joins Cinder (Cinderella) and Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood) as the lead of the third book which is meant to be based on Rapunzel. Of course it's difficult to say much from just one chapter but I have a feeling Cress is going to be a fantastic lead, perhaps even the best of the series so far.

Reviews posted this month
- A Really Awesome Mess* by Trish Cook & Brendan Halpin (2013)
- Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition* by Liv Spencer (2013)
- Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest* by A. Lee Martinez (2013)
- Lets Eat Out Around The World Gluten Free & Allergy Free* by Kim Koeller & Robert La France (2013)
- The $7.50 Bunny That Changed The World* by Gretta Parker (2012)

Books marked with a * c/o Netgalley 

Don't forget you can find me at 
What did you read this month?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

5 TV Shows I Wish Were On Netflix UK

netflix 5
Images via & Wikipedia

What they say about Netflix is true - it is addictive. In the last year I've watched my way through a lot of the available shows including Dexter, Drop Dead Diva, 10 Things I Hate About You, Modern Family, Life Unexpected, Lead Balloon, Orange Is The New Black and Breaking Bad.

After recently watching all 6 series of Gossip Girl over the space of a couple of weeks (thanks to my broken TV) I realised that I'm quickly running out of TV shows to watch on Netflix. This led me to think about which shows I would love to see make it into the catalogue. Here's 5 shows I'd like to see made available...

Gilmore Girls (7 seasons, 2000-2007)
Although I've never been a huge Gilmore Girls fan I do think its a great 'background show' - something that's perfect to have on whilst I work. I kind of miss being able to turn on E4 in the middle of the afternoon and find things like this to watch.

Clarissa Explains It All (5 seasons 1991-1994)
I would love to see more 90's shows like Clarissa come to Netflix. Again, I think this would be a great show to have on whilst I'm working at home and I can imagine a few Clarissa inspired fashion blog posts would appear here too!

Tucker (1 season 2000-2001)
Another blast from the past is Tucker, which despite only having 1 season (that seems to have been forgotten by most people) was one of my Nickelodeon favourites. As it isn't available on DVD (even outside the UK) I would love to be able to rewatch it all on Netflix. If anyone else remembers this one let me know in the comments!

Bones (9 seasons, 2005-present)
I gave up on watching Bones last year but I would love to catch up sometime as well as rewatch the whole series from the beginning. I love the mix of humour and mystery that Bones has and would enjoy a Netflix marathon!

Grey's Anatomy (10 seasons, 2005-present)
After only becoming a fan about 3 years ago I still keep up to date with Greys now. Since there are so many seasons I can't afford to buy all of the DVDs but it would be great to have somewhere to watch all of the older series again.

Which shows would you like to see added to the collection?
Let me know in the comments if you have any Netflix recommendations!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday DIY Inspiration - Give The Gift Of DIY

diy inspiration craft kits

Originally I had planned to share a tutorial with you today but unfortunately I'm currently having problems with my laptop and am unable to get the photos properly edited. So instead I'm going to share the post I had planned for next Sunday; 10 DIY kits that would make great gifts this Christmas for any friends and family who love to craft!

1. Needlepoint iPhone Case (Not So Modern Millie)
With this kit you can create your own unique cross stitch design phone case. The kit comes complete with 4 embroidery threads in the colours of your choice. (Ships worldwide)

2. Apothecary Moss Terrarium Kit (Makers Kit)
I've seen so many DIY terrariums online recently and they always look like so much fun to make. This kit includes everything you need to get you started for a low-maintenance project. (US only)

3. Needle Felting Owl Kit (Fairyfolk)
Felting also seems to be a bit of a trend right now and this little kit would be the perfect way to try your hand at the craft and create an adorable owl. (Ships worldwide)

4. Konstruktor DIY Kit (Lomography)
DIY camera kits are always a lot of fun and this one in particular looks pretty amazing! With this kit you can make your own 35mm SLR camera and take your own Christmas snapshots. (Ships worldwide)

5. Gourmet Popcorn Kit (Dell Cove Spice Company)
For foodie friends and family why not try this popcorn kit with flavouring options including Chocolate Mocha, Gingerbread, White Cheddar and even Ketchup. These kits are customisable so you can choose which types of popcorn and seasonings make the perfect mix! (US only)

6. Amigurumi Bunny (Toft)
One of many cute DIY toy kits from Toft is this adorable big-eared bunny. The kit requires crochet skills however is listed as beginner level and looks like a good starter project. (Ships worldwide)

7. You Go Glen Coco Cross Stitch (A Manic Monday)
Know a crafter who also loves their films? These cross stitch kits will be perfect! This one inspired by Mean Girls is also rather festive with a border of green & red metallic threads. (Ships worldwide)

Keep an eye out here next weekend for a Mean Girls inspired DIY tutorial!

8. Hamster Basket (Midori Crafts)
For something a little different this Hamster Basket kit may be the perfect craft. The finished design is created by weaving together paper bands. (Ships worldwide)

9. Felt Purse (Hobbycraft)
This cute 'orange slice' felt purse kit would be a great stocking filler for children and adults alike. An apple slice, owl and plain square shape designs are also available. (UK only)

10. Hot Air Balloon Kit (Craft Schmaft)
For something a little more extravagant this hot air balloon mobile kit is beautiful. The kit includes fabrics, wool felt, ribbons, webbing, threads and wood for hanging. (Ships worldwide)

Which kit would you most like to receive?

Friday, 22 November 2013

This Week #1

this week 1
A bright blue morning sky / Geeking out / Working on new designs / Sawyer thinks I'm a chair / Gluten free waffles & Nutella / First read of the week / Pretty sunset / Third book of the week / Fox mittens are awesome

For the last few months I've introduced a once a month roundup post featuring all of my DIYs & reviews. Since I am no longer posting a DIY tutorial every week and have decided to include links to book reviews within my 'Reads' posts (also once per month) I thought I would introduce a weekly roundup instead - sharing links to posts from the last week, plus a few Instagram snaps!

1. Winter Wardrobe Updates - on Sunday I shared the second post in my new DIY Inspiration series, this time looking at thrifty ways to update last year's knitwear/sweatshirts

2. An Evening With Veronica Roth - on Tuesday I talked about this event I attended a couple of weeks ago - the full post can be found over at Blogger's Bookshelf

3. Family Weekend Film Review - on Wednesday I shared a mini review of this quirky title which was recently made available on Netflix in the UK

4. Sawyer & Scout Discount Code - yesterday I shared a Sawyer & Scout discount code as I am celebrating the release of Catching Fire with a 20% off promotion!

What did you blog about this week?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Family Weekend

family weekend
Image via Amazon

Dir. Benjamin Epps (2013), Cert. 15 | Find it on Amazon

This kooky comedy drama revolves around teenager Emily (Olesya Rulin) a high school jump rope champion. When her parents, businesswoman mother (Kristin Chenoworth) and artist father (Matthew Modine) fail to attend her competition, Emily hatches an unexpected plan.

Drugging her ‘imperfect’ parents and taking them hostage, Emily plans to both punish and retrain them in time for her next big competition. With the help of her siblings she puts her plan into action and chaos ensues. Although it seems like a sinister approach, this film ultimately has a message and Emily’s efforts begin to have a positive effect on the whole family.

If you’re looking for a well-acted, unique and strangely interesting comedy this might just be the one for you.



Tuesday, 19 November 2013

An Evening With Veronica Roth

veronica roth london

A couple of weeks ago I headed to London for an event hosted by Waterstones. As part of the promotional tour for Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent trilogy, author Veronica Roth came to the UK for a couple of events and appearances. The evening consisted of a short reading, a Q&A portion, a signing and a guest appearance from actress Shailene Woodley who portrays Tris in the upcoming film.

If you want to read more about what both Veronica & Shailene had to say head on over to Blogger's Bookshelf for the full post!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday DIY Inspiration - Winter Wardrobe Updates

winter wardrobe updates diy

This week I thought I would share some great DIY ideas for updating last year's jumpers and sweatshirts. Here are some of my favourite projects...

1. A Cosy Pom-Pom-Sleeved Sweater (via Refinery29)
If you're looking for a fun project this might be the one for you. Jenni over at Refinery29 has used small pom poms to add 3D embellishment to the sleeves of an old jumper. With some basic sewing skills your refreshed jumper will be ready in no time!

2. Embellished Sweater (via DeSmitten)
Still dreaming about all of the extravagant jewels in The Great Gatsby? Adding clusters of stones to plain knitwear can give a more lavish look.

3. Elbow Patch (via Honestly WTF)
Elbow patches are a favourite of mine, and luckily they're easy to DIY. These heart shaped felt patches are one of the more unusual and interesting designs I've seen so far, however if the hearts aren't your thing don't worry - there are tons of tutorials out there to suit your style.

4. Embroidered Fairisle Sweater (via Paper & Stitch)
Another Winter favourite of mine is fairisle. This guest tutorial shows how you can add a pretty fairisle design to your knitwear and even provides a free printable pattern.

5. Zip Jumper (via Fall For DIY)
A style I've been sporting myself this year is knitwear with exposed zips. I picked mine up from Next however if you have an old jumper lying around you can easily make your own version with Francesca's great tutorial.

6. Block Printed Sweater (via Fine Little Day)
If sewing isn't your thing why not try out this DIY stamp idea from Fine Little Day? You hardly need any supplies to create your own stamps and fabric paints can simply be set in place with an iron. The design possibilities here are endless, you can be as ambitious as you like!

Which idea is your favourite?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Library Haul #1

library haul

Ketchup Clouds, Annabel Pitcher (2012)
I'd been meaning to pick this one up after reading lots of positive reviews over the last few month. With a mysterious premise and such an intriguing title I couldn't resist seeing what the fuss is all about. I can tell you (since I finished it earlier this week) it made me view books with a letter format - something I usually dislike - differently.

Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell (2013)
After reading Fangirl last month I felt that it was about time I gave in and picked up Rainbow Rowell's most popular novel Eleanor & Park. Usually I wouldn't opt for this one but I just can't ignore so many amazing reviews, fingers crossed I'll be pleasantly surprised!

Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Won't Stop Talking, Susan Cain (2012)
As the only non-fiction book in this haul Quiet promises to be an interesting read and one that has been on my TBR list for some time. Thank you to Ria for reminding me that I needed to pick this one up!

Everlost, Neal Shusterman (2006)
This one is the last book left to cross off the list of five I vowed to read in 2013 over at Blogger's Bookshelf back in January. I started reading it in October and so far I have found it really difficult to get into, even though the premise is an interesting one. I will definitely be revisiting it later this month for a second attempt!

library haul

Gossip Girl, Cecily von Ziegesar (2002)
Since I've been re-watching/watching (I'd not seen all of the episodes before) the TV show recently I thought I might as well pick up one of the novels and although I'm not a huge fan of the show I do enjoy finding out how film & TV adaptations compare to the original books.

Let It Snow, John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle (2008)
I'm not the biggest Christmas fan so I guess all I can say about this one is that its my attempt to get into the festive spirit! Whether I'll actually read it is questionable...

Have you read any of these books? 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Style Inspiration - Pull & Bear A/W

pull and bear autumn winter

Ever since I picked up this dress from their Stratford Westfield store I've been keeping an eye on new collections over at Pull & Bear's website. Their range of stylish yet affordable pieces has tempted me to bring you a little A/W inspiration today. Here are some of my top picks...

Print Sweatshirt £19.99
Check Print Loafers £25.99
Fake Leather Mini Skirt £22.99
Geometric Print Blazer £39.99
Skinny Leg Trousers With Detail £29.99
Flocked Coat £39.99
Leather Shoes With Buckle Detail £49.99

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Life Unexpected

life unexpected
Image via

Season 1 (2010) Created by Liz Tigelaar | Find it on Amazon

Fifteen year old Lux (Britt Robertson) been a ward of the state for her entire life, moving between various foster homes, all of which she hated. When she comes up with a plan to become emancipated and make her own way in the world Lux winds up finding her biological parents; bar owner Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) and local radio star Cate (Shiri Appleby). When the judge dismisses Lux’s request and grants her real parents joint custody instead, the lives of all three are turned upside down as they learn to become a family.

The series sees Lux, Baze, Cate and their loved ones go through a whole host of ups and downs. Cate’s secret relationship with radio co-host Ryan (Kerr Smith) is threatened by Baze coming back into the picture, not to mention her career is put on the line thanks to Lux revealing to the public that Cate and Ryan are a couple. Meanwhile Baze has his own issues including financial troubles and a difficult relationship with his father who he manages to constantly disappoint. Lux struggles with fitting in at her new school, leaving behind her old friends and of course having real parents for the first time in her life.

A lot of the time I felt the characters lacked likability but if I had to pick a favourite it would probably be Baze. Of all the character’s journeys his quest to become a good father and make something more of his life was the most interesting.

Although Life Unexpected was really just another average show, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I actually quite enjoyed it! It was much more engaging than I had expected from the description so I would recommend giving it a chance if you’re on the fence. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait to find out how this two-season show concluded - here’s hoping the second season will be available on Netflix UK soon!



Monday, 11 November 2013

The November TBR Pile

november tbr
Cover images via Goodreads

First up this month I have two books from Evan Angler's middle-grade dystopian series; Swipe & Sneak. I received Sneak via Netgalley a while back but didn't realise at the time that it was the second in a series of which I hadn't read the first book (I know, I'm silly). Storm, the next book in the series, was released earlier this year so now I'm even more behind! Instead of putting it off any longer I've picked up Swipe and plan to read them both together this month.

Next I have Roomies (Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando), which Netgalley were offering to the first 500 people to accept the invitation. Roomies is about two girls, Elizabeth and Lauren, who find out they are going to be college roommates and start corresponding via email, sharing their life stories with each other. Although not my usual kind of book, after reading, and quite enjoying, Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) recently I thought I would give it a chance.

In addition I also have a few library books - more on those in a future post. Last up? I will read Paper Towns this month... I will read Paper Towns this month... I will read Paper Towns this month...*  Enough said.

*due to my advance post writing I'm pleased to say that at the time you're seeing this I have already crossed PT off the November list!

Whats on your November TBR list?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday DIY - Washi Tape Candle Card

diy birthday card

Just a quick project post for you today as its my mum's birthday and we're off out for lunch! I thought I would share the DIY card I made for her this year which was inspired by a giftwrap idea on Pinterest where washi tape had been used to create a candle design. I used this idea and finished off the card using alphabet stamps.

Do you like to DIY cards?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sealife Nails

sealife nails8

Last month I met up with Anjali and we headed to Sealife London Aquarium. As it turned out we both had the same blog post idea - nail art inspired by the amazing natural patterns and colours of the sea creatures we saw. Here's what I came up with...


Don't forget to head on over to Anjali's blog to see her nail art designs!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Character Style Inspiration - Zoe Hart Part 7

It's baaaack! Hart Of Dixie returned last month for it's third season, which means its time to start up the Zoe Hart Style Inspiration series again here at e-elise etc. For this instalment I thought I would show you how you can recreate two of Zoe's season 3 monochrome looks on a high street budget. Here's how to get the look for less...

zoe hart 0097

Look One - H&M Jersey Skirt £12.99, Warehouse Midi Clean Day Bag £20, New Look Cross Over Double Ankle Strap Heels £22.99, Dorothy Perkins Black Geo Print Top £15

The first outfit is very simple but is also perfect for the Alabama heat of Bluebell. The actual geometric print top Rachel wore on the show was the 'Cascade Tank' by Madewell priced at $72 (approx £45) however if you can't afford the real thing I've managed to find a more budget-friendly but still stylish alternative from Dorothy Perkins. The staple item of this outfit is the basic black skirt, a similar version of which can be picked up from most high street stores including H&M. Complete the look with an over-sized black handbag and strappy heels.

zoe hart 0098

Look Two - Mango Metal Detail Quilted Bag £29.99, Urban Outfitters Fringed Geo Drop Earrings £7, Selected Femme Tecca Oversized T-shirt £30, American Vintage Tulsa Printed Skirt £35

Another basic outfit, this time with a plain tee and printed skirt, is simply accessorised with fringed earrings and a quilted handbag. For those of us who can't afford Chanel there are always quilted handbag alternatives out there on the high street like this one from Mango. Most of us do however already own a simple black tee, so why not invest in a patterned but classic shaped skirt to pair it with for a girly look.

*Images of Rachel bilson via The CW 

Which look is your favourite? 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October Reads

october reads
Images sourced via Goodreads

Due to everyday last month being filled up with Month Of Scares the usual 'reads' roundup was skipped over in favour of something Halloween-themed. Of course, behind the scenes I was still doing a lot of reading, so today I have a (late) roundup of October's books.

First up is A Really Awesome Mess* (Trish Cook & Brendan Halpin) which I will be reviewing in full later this month over at Blogger's Bookshelf. The book tells the story of a group of troubled teens living at reform school Heartland Academy, where this Breakfast Club-esque group, led by Emmy and Justin, must learn to work together to achieve their personal goals. A Really Awesome Mess has received extremely mixed reviews and has caused some controversy with it's portrayal of sensitive issues such as depression and anorexia - more on this in my full review next week!

Next up we have my first venture into the popular novels of Rainbow Rowell; 2013 release Fangirl. The book focuses on Cath who is about to start college and is feeling lost and anxious as twin sister Wren has decided she needs her independence. Cath's story is intertwined with snippets of the Simon Snow fanfiction she writes. I have already posted a full review of this one over at Blogger's Bookshelf - find it here.

Another Netgalley read from October was Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest* (A. Lee Martinez), which I have posted a short review of over on Goodreads. The story follows the two teens on their journey after they are placed under an ancient curse, along the way encountering all sorts including dragons, orcs and a strange lady named Babs.

Last up are two books from Veronica Roth; short story The Transfer and Allegiant, the final instalment in the Divergent trilogy. The Transfer is the first of four short stories told from popular character Four's perspective. At around only 30 pages, The Transfer is all about Four's decision to join the Dauntless faction and his rocky relationship with his father, an interesting, albeit inessential read for fans of the Divergent series. Although I won't be reviewing Allegiant in full - don't worry we're spoiler free here - there has been a lot of mixed reviews on this series finale. All I will say is that my main issue with the book was not the bold choices that Veronica made (I actually respect her decision to end the story in the way she felt was right, rather than trying to please fans) but rather the dual-POV which alternates between Tris and Four. Although I liked this idea I did feel that at times it was a little difficult to distinguish between their voices as they weren't all that distinctive from each other. With the series now complete I'm planning to re-read all three books before the Divergent movie adaptation lands in April.

What did you read in October?

Books marked with a * were received for review via Netgalley.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday DIY Inspiration - Washi Tape Projects

washi tape diy inspiration

Although I'd like to keep Sundays here at e-elise etc craft based, I'm also finding that I don't always have the time to spend on tutorials. So, instead of a tutorial post every week I thought I would use some of the Sunday slots for other types of crafty posts. Today I wanted to share DIY inspiration and projects that have caught my eye on other blogs and websites - as well as some great craft ideas, hopefully you'll also be introduced to some new blogs to read as well!

For my first look at DIY inspiration I'm talking one of the most popular items in a crafter's collection; washi tapes. Back in May I shared five of my favourite 5 minute washi tape projects including tealights and pencils, then in June I used washi tape to cover wires. There are so many amazing washi tape ideas out there, here are 5 more that I love...

1. Magnetic Washi Tape Bookmarks (via A Lemon Squeezy Home)
I previously made some fridge magnets using paper tapes but this idea to make folded magnets to use as bookmarks is pretty genius. Blogger Christie has even created some free printables for her readers to use too - so, what are you waiting for?

2. Washi Tape Tin Cans (via The Crafted Sparrow)
This clever up-cycle idea uses cleaned out food cans as pencil pots which, with a little bit of washi tape, will look great on your desk. I particularly like the teal colour scheme Rebecca chose to use, and love the thriftiness of this project.

3. Washi Tape Ringbinders (via Even Artichokes Have Hearts)
Skye used her washi tapes to cover the spines of plain ring binders, making organising important paperwork more fun and also looking very effective. I loved Skye's take on this simple but effective project inspired by Angela's notebook post over at Paper Story, which also looked beautiful.

4. Washi Tape Twist Ties (via Zakka Life)
I know it may be a little early to be thinking about Christmas gift wrap ideas but these cute washi twist ties would be perfect for any homemade sweets and treats you might be planning to give as gifts this year. Pick yourself up some Christmas themed tapes, a roll of wire and get crafting!

5. Dress Up Your Switchplates With Washi Tape (via crab+fish)
If you're looking for a way to refresh your decor on a budget why not jazz up your light switchplates with some pretty washi tapes? This great step by step tutorial shows you how to make your own in minutes. The couple who blog over at crab+fish also have a whole collection of similar projects with lightswitches and other outlets.

Which washi idea is your favourite?
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