Monday, 14 October 2013

Month Of Scares - Witch Hunt

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witch hunt tabitha morrow

Author - Tabitha Morrow, Published in 2013 | Find it on Amazon

Witch Hunt begins with a both intriguing and terrifying prologue, describing an accused witch being burnt. The townspeople of New Salem have no idea she’s inside the fire and no one can hear her scream.

The book tells the story of Ruth, a young girl who discovers not only that her two best friends are witches, but that she is one too. Living in New Salem where witchcraft is strictly forbidden they are forced to hide their true identities and meet in secret. Of course, Ruth and her friends aren’t the only ones hiding the truth in New Salem - cue lots of twists, turns and betrayals along the way.

This short story with its’ interesting genre crossover and (sadly very predictable) twists, left little time for character development, however the writing style of this debut author was easy to follow.

Witch Hunt turned out to be a much more enjoyable and interesting read than I had initially expected as I liked the concept and felt that the idea had a lot of potential. Although I would have preferred there to be a little more distinction between the character’s personalities plus more unique twists Witch Hunt was definitely an interesting read.

3/5 Halloween Pumpkins

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