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Month Of Scares - Prom Night

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Dir. Nelson McCormick (2008), Cert. 15 | Find it on Amazon

Prom Night, a re-make by name only, stars Brittany Snow as teenager Donna who thought that the obsessive killer who murdered her family was out of life for good. However somehow he has managed to escape prison and track down the location of her senior prom. Determined to be reunited with Donna he takes out anyone who gets in his way.

Character-wise there’s not much to go on, yes its pretty typical of a horror film not to waste time character building before they let everyone besides the main character get killed off, however it seemed like the writers of Prom Night didn’t even try to get the audience’s sympathy. Our killer, Richard (Johnathon Schaech), a former teacher of Donna's who became obsessed with her and resorted to murdering her parents and brother to get her attention, certainly doesn't fit the part of  terrifying villain.

The plot, unfortunately, is full of ridiculous clichés - you could almost play a game of 'spot the cliché' with this one - meaning that there are no surprising twists to be found here at all. Aside from the lack of jumps or scares the are far too many plot holes, even for a genre where a few can be forgiven if the scares are there. For a slasher movie Prom Night is also really lacking in the blood and gore department, something I think stood out to me as what I’m usually watching on Netflix is Dexter

Prom Night has all the elements of your typical teen slasher but still manages to fall completely flat without the charm of something like Scream. It’s 3.7/10 rating on certainly proves that I’m not the only one who found Prom Night both unoriginal and forgettable.  

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