Friday, 11 October 2013

Month Of Scares - The Possession

the possession
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Dir. Ole Bornedal (2012), Cert 15 | Find it on Amazon

The Possession tells the story of a newly separated family where the father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has recently moved out into a new house. One day when his two daughters come to visit they stop off at a garage sale where the youngest, Em (Natasha Calis), purchases a mysterious wooden box. She quickly becomes obsessed with the strange box which turns out to be possessed by an ancient evil spirit. When the spirit takes over her body she soon starts leaving a trail of casualties and her father learns that she has been possessed. Now Em’s parents must work together to save her, but can Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) be convinced of what has happened to her daughter?

The film of course has your typical suspenseful music and a handful of scenes designed to make you jump however I thought the directing style, particularly the interesting camera angles at the beginning of the film were good, drawing attention to the smaller details. The performances were also stronger than I would usually expect from the genre, notably from Morgan & Calis who were both quite convincing in their roles.

A fairly predictable and unoriginal story, The Possession did have it's good moments but overall I felt it was just an average watch.

2.5/5 Halloween pumpkins!

2 half pumpkins

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